Almost Christmas

I know it has been a while since I last posted things here got really REAL if you understand my meaning. We were in a serious financial crisis and honestly we are not totally out of it yet, but working our way out. The reason I  mention this is because a) I told myself I was going to be more honest about things here and b) it leads to part of this post.

Because things have not been going our way for a while, we were looking at not having Christmas at all. Nothing. Nothing for Jeff. I was really incredibly upset about that. I don’t really care about myself, but I wanted to make Jeff’s first Christmas somewhat special. I know at 9 months old he will most likely not remember it, but I would. I was depressed. Then I mentioned our situation on Facebook, something that honestly I normally never do. So many people contacted me to help us out! I was amazed and very humble, so with the help of wonderful people, Jeff will have a Christmas after all.

I can never thank these people enough and I am blown away by people whom I have never met face to face wanted to help us. Some sent us some money, which was helpful. Some sent Christmas gifts and PJs. Others are sending clothes for Jeff . His grandparents are doing some for us and Jeff of course, but they have other grandkids to buy for.

Jeff for a long time was not eating baby food. Hated it. All of a sudden in the last two weeks he has been eating like a champ! Which is a relief to this momma, let me tell you! He has been eating so well that this weekend I am starting to feed him 2-3 times a day now. Before it honestly made no sense to force him because he was not understanding.

Jeff has started doing something that I absolutely hate! He has started screaming! High pitch shrieks in my face! Drives me crazy because he won’t stop. Ugh. Hoping this phase does not last much longer or I am going to need a nice padded room! 

I am so tired because Michael is working 10 hour days 6 days a week so it hard on us all. I am not getting enough sleep because while we were dealing with the money issues I was not sleeping hardly at all. So, my body is exhausted all the time. When Michael gets home, he has time to eat dinner and play with Jeff for about 10 minutes and go to bed. Which means I am the last one in bed every night after getting an extremely fussy baby to sleep and cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, most nights I am not in bed until about 1 am or so. Some days earlier and some days later.

I am not sure how much longer I can go on like this with out a break of some kind. Sundays are busy for us because it is our only free day together, so it is spent doing stuff around the house, laundry, etc…

Well, in case I don’t get to post before the 25th, have a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate and if you don’t have a wonderful holiday that you celebrate! Ciao!