Still Here!

Well, baby Charlotte and I are still in the hospital, hoping that we can go home tomorrow. She had a heart murmur that was not there yesterday so the pediatrician wanted her to stay one more day. I am having issues with pain in my legs which means blood clots usually.

I am so tired and honestly can not wait to get home to be able to sleep, maybe. LOL. Thanksgiving was okay, Jeff and M came up to visit us, but Jeff does not like the hospital and I can not really blame him for that. So he is not having any of me while I am here, it was so much worse when I had IVs in and was attached to machines.

To say that I am overwhelmed and overly emotional right now is honestly an understatement. I look at her and I cry sometimes. I am so happy she is here and she is amazing but sometimes I have to question my sanity! I am so exhausted beyond what I am normally and I have so much that is about to be going on with doctors for the baby. She did fail the second hearing test again, so now we need to see a hearing person. Ugh. I know it is common, but this is the first kid I have had to deal with this with.

Not to mention all the pediatric appointments every other day for the next couple of months. Although it might be different because she is being bottle fed, so she is not losing weight at all. So, hopefully it will not be like it was with Jeff, but we will soon find out.

I gotta run and feed Charlie..


I Do Not Understand Why

When you are pregnant and other people know, as they will usually find out through your announcement or someone will always let the cat out of the bag. If you are a first time mom, I am going to tell you that people will always tell you their birth stories of their kids or if they don’t have kids it will be about a relative/friend. Ugh. Shut up. Just shut up already. I know these people mean no harm, but they will usually scare the crap out of first time moms with horror stories of 48 hour labors and all that other stuff. Look, not everyone is the same. Labor for me is not going to be the same as it was/is for you. So, just stop scaring the crap out of those poor first time moms who have no idea what to expect.

Secondly, everyone will want to touch you. Ugh. NO. When I was pregnant with my first son who is an adult now, some lady in a pet store walked up to me and put her hand on my belly and said, awwe… I looked her dead in the eyes and said “If you do not remove your hand from me, I will bite you.” I kid you not. I hate having strangers touch me uninvited. I was appalled at this. When is it okay to touch someone you do not know?!? It’s not. Not in my book.

I did take the Lamaze class and while it was somewhat helpful, it did not really answer all the questions. So, you learn the hard way that yes, birth is a beautiful thing but it is painful. No one talked about that part. Oh, and while we are on the subject, allowing a video camera in the labor room with me, not a good idea. I am a potty mouth momma.. All I heard on the birth video was me cussing everyone out.. LOL. Yeah. No.

Also, a good idea not to let someone who pisses you off in the labor room with you.. They will get on your ever loving last nerve and you WILL cuss them out.. I know because I did it to my mom. Yeppers, my own mother, but in my defense she was being really ANNOYING…

You will find your own way of doing things, do not let anyone talk you into things you do not want or talk you out of things you do want. If you want drugs, by all means get them! I have done 3 births, one without drugs and honestly never ever again… But that is me and you are different..

So, this ends my advice to you… Just do what you want. You are the one having this kid, no one else. Do what you want.


Appointment and Walking!!!

Yesterday was my doctor appointment, the baby is fine and so am I. We did discuss the possibility of them inducing labor at 39 weeks instead of waiting for me to go into labor by myself. This was a little disconcerting to me because it has never happened to me before, yes with the first two (who are now adults) they did have to break my water, but I was already in labor at the time. The reason behind this is that because I am an “advanced maternal age’ (their words, not mine), bad things begin to happen at 40 weeks in older mothers. Things like a higher risk of still birth, complications, etc… 

For those of you who wonder how when 36 weeks = 9 months , here is a nice graphic about the time line of pregnancy.. 

How long and what happens during pregnancy

How long and what happens during pregnancy

On another note, Jeff is now walking in short bursts all the time! Between 3-5 steps at a time. I am so not ready for this!! He is growing up so fast! The grandparents from California will be here in October, M and I will be getting married while they are here. His older brother will also be coming out with them and we are excited! 

We are looking at possibly M’s mom coming back out when the baby is born for a bit to help with Jeff, which would be nice. I will know more when the baby is due after the stress test I have to do in a couple of months. No big deal had them done before. The next ultrasound is on the 21st of September. Jeff also has a doctor appointment in Sept. as well. So, we are looking to be busy! 

M has his appointment now at the VA to discuss surgery dates for his knee. He was converted at Amazon, so now he is a permanent and full time Amazon employee! Which is awesome! I do feel badly for him that the baby will be born in their peak season, he will be working 6 days a week at that point.. Something like 60 hours a week. So, he won’t be able to spend as much time with the baby as he wants. 

Well, that is all the news for now.. I need to find food..