Life is Fragile

I woke up this morning to news about a shooting in a church in South Carolina. I am sad on many levels, but mostly for the unneeded loss of human life, both those who were killed and the shooter. I know, some of you might be wondering why I am feeling bad for a person who committed a horrible, evil, act of violence. The answer is pretty simple really, I am human. Aside from the fact I am a Christian, I am human. When human life is loss, I am sad. For those who may not know, they did catch the 21 year old kid who did this. I say kid because as a 40 something woman, he is a kid. He had his whole life in front of him and now it is gone, just as sure as he was one of the people killed. No matter if he spends his life in prison or they put him to death for his crimes, his life is over.

Since the story is far from over, I will not talk about why I think he did it. I do not know this person and I am not one to judge or listen to the media. I do however pray and I will be praying for him because honestly who is more lost than this kid right now? I am also praying for the families of those who were killed because those people deserve answers and some measure of comfort. Sadly, I think answers are a long time coming if ever. 

So, here is what I want people to do today: Be nice. Be nice to people you do not know and be nice to those you do. Give some time to someone who might be struggling because you know what? That might be the thing that saves a life today. Be sympathetic to those you do not quite understand because they may be going through a rough patch in life and might be needed someone to listen or even just talk to. 

Hug your families and if you are fighting try to make up because you never know when your time is up on Earth and saying I love you to someone special is precious.