We are all sick (except M, he has an amazing immune system). He took Charlotte to the ER last night about 11:30 pm and they admitted her to the Children’s Hospital after doing 2 breathing treatments and she was not better. She had 2 before that at home, so the total was up to 4. They put her on oxygen. I stayed home with our son because well, we are sick too and honestly I did not want to spread this any more than we had to. This morning I made calls to our appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday to cancel. M just called a bit ago and once the attending doctor comes in and looks at Charlotte they will possibly take her off the oxygen and then the timer is on, with watching her be sure her oxygen levels are stable. They want to watch her for 12-24 hours then they will release her. Hopefully, by tomorrow or Wednesday, she will be home. This has been super hard on us of course. Jeff is not taking this lightly. He was recently diagnosed as mild/moderate autistic. So, I am working on some things for him. Not a great time to be sick! Gotta run! 



Neurologist Visit

Yesterday I had my neurologist appointment. Finally. I waited months for that appointment and I sure was not going to miss it! My neurologist was sort of surprised to find out that I have had a migraine for five months. Every single day since Charlotte was born. Ugh. Before that it was at most 3-4 times a month. We discussed what my headaches feel like and look like. All the symptoms that I have with them. We talked about the medications I have tried, which is not many recently. My issues with migraine medications is that most of them make you zombie like or knock me out. I can not have that with the kids being home with me. I made that totally clear yesterday and we settled on a plan for the short term.

For the next month I am on Topamax 25mg for the first week, it is one pill at night. After the first week, it is 1 pill in the morning and at night. The office is to call me in a month to find out if it is working for me or not. If it is not we have talked about admitting me to the hospital for 2-3 days and giving me IV drugs to break the cycle. I am hoping to avoid that because honestly, yea. I am to the point that honestly I will do what ever it takes to get rid of this migraine or series of migraines. I honestly have no idea what it means to be headache free. I have no idea what it is like to wake up in the morning and feel good anymore.

I am so tired of being reactionary when it comes to these headaches of mine. Let me be clear, I have been diagnosed with migraines. Unless  you have specific symptoms that come along with the headache, you have a headache and there are different kinds, but you do not have a migraine. One of my pet peeves is that someone who has not been diagnosed will say, oh I have a migraine. No. You have a headache. If  you can take over the counter things, most likely you have headaches. Although Excedrin Migraine is pretty good, but it only works for me if I catch it really early.

I feel bad for my kids because they do not understand that mommy has migraines and is in constant pain. I want to feel good again so that I can do fun things with them. I have basically forced myself to keep moving because no one else is here to do it. I wish I could pull the covers up over my head and sleep it off. On the good side, I have lost 5 pounds. I am so hoping that Topamax is the right medication for me.

Tummy Troubles

It has been a while since I have been here and honestly we have been uber busy with doctor appointments. Charlotte is having surgery on May 25th to get tubes in her ears to help drain the fluid on the left side. She has failed every single hearing test she has had on the left side since birth. Tubes to me are not a big deal, but the putting her to sleep part is, she is so little. Not sure how the anesthesia will affect her. Also, once they get the tubes in they will give her a final hearing test, if she fails that one, it is likely she has nerve hearing loss from the jaundice she had at birth. The doctor told me that kids with severe jaundice have much more likely chance to have nerve hearing loss. If that is the case, then we will have to discuss hearing aids for her.

The reason for the hearing aids at such a young age is because she is developing speech patterns now, so if she is deaf in one ear when she starts talking her speech patterns will not be correct and then we will have to go to a speech therapist. So, hopefully all this works out for the best and tubes work right away.

We had to change her formula again. She is having serious gas issues and still spitting up at 4 months old. If this formula does not work there is one more we can try. I am hoping that this works but so far she is still spitting  up after almost a whole week on the new formula. We might have to go see a pediatric gastroenterologist. We are ruling things out one at a time, which is good, but frustrating!

Jeff turned two last month and he is amazing as ever, although some days extremely frustrating! He is definitely a two year old! We have good days and bad days with that and it sometimes seems like more bad than good lately. Hopefully, it will calm down soon.

M was released from physical therapy. He is happy but was frustrated too. He only had four months of physical therapy after surgery. Monday we are going to run some errands, one of is to get the documentation that he can return to work. We also have to take some of the unopened formula (the soy) to WIC to trade for the new formula. Also we have to go to the armory to get paperwork for the basic housing allowance for when M is gone to AT (annual training) for two weeks in August and then for three weeks in November he will be gone for three weeks for something else. Ugh. Not happy about that, but not like I can make them change it either.

So, keep your fingers crossed that the new formula works and everything is fine with Charlotte! I need to go do battle with the 2 year old, which me luck!


Charlotte Update

Yesterday they had taken Charlotte off the lights because her bilirubin number was down to 13, which was wonderful news. They were expecting a rebound in that number after that because without the lights the bilirubin builds back up. She rebounded to 13.4 last night. Which was not bad and she was still under 14.

This morning when we called to check on her, her bilirubin number was back up to 19, which is not good. She is back under lights again. She is eating well and having full diapers, which is a good sign because she is getting the bilirubin out of her body. But the large jump in number has me a bit worried. I have to go take care of some things, I will keep you all updated as I know more.


Pain and Other Stuff Happening

Newest pic of Jeff

Newest pic of Jeff

We have been rather busy around here as of late! Okay, so I already mentioned the last doctor appointment in my last entry. Since then, I have added a dentist appointment on the 27th of July. So the week after my ultrasound. I am happy with that because I have been needing to see a dentist for a while and now I get to. 

I have been having what is called round ligament pain. It is where the uterus and everything is stretching out to get into place for the new baby. It has been really painful this time around and has been really hampering my ability to get things done. According to the doctor that is the pain I have when I am walking. ugh. I am hoping that will end soon because honestly I am over it! 

Our new bed is being delivered today! We are totally thrilled, let me tell you! M had to work mandatory overtime today because Amazon is having a Prime Day. Basically they are saying if you are a Prime member, there are all kinds of great deals today! Supposed to be better than Black Friday! 

Jeff is showing us his mad problem solving skills as of late! Such a smart kid it is rather scary! The weather here is nasty today with pretty bad storms moving through already. Had some bad ones yesterday and the day before as well. Flash flood warnings and watches in effect now too.. 

I changed Jeff’s doctor to the place where I am going this last week. His old doctor was about 1/2 mile from the bus stop and right now that is not doable for me at all. So the place I go does pediatrics and they are right across the street from the bus stop, so that works out better for us now. As soon as I get his new cards, I will be making an appointment for him. 

I am tired so I am going to try and rest while there is a break in the storms.. Jeff is finally back to sleep. 


Updates and Other Stuff

I did not realize it has been so long since I posted! I have been quite busy! I hope your 4th of July was great. Mine was good, we hung around the house because Jeff is not ready for fireworks yet. He does not like loud noises at all. He was having issues with the ones being set off around here. 

I had my doctor appointment on Monday and everything looks great with the baby! I also had another blood test for another kind of issue, something with the neural tubes of the brain for the new baby. So, hopefully will get those results soon. I will have to redo the first round of genetic testing because there was not enough fetal DNA in my blood to get any kind of result. Sigh. So when I go for my second ultrasound on July 21st, I will redo that test too. This month is a lot quieter than last month which is good for me. Monday we went out to lunch after the doctor appointment and it has been quite some time since we went some place and actually sat there and ate. It was really nice! Jeff did great sitting in a high chair and eating his own lunch! He had chicken fingers and fries. 

Trying to let Jeff be more independent with in reason these days. It is working out quite nicely. He lets me know when he wants on the floor to go do his own thing and then comes back and wants to hang out with Momma. I do have to go behind him and clean up some messes, mostly his clothes in his basket that he likes to throw around. But it is okay, only takes a few minutes to pick up and then it is done. So this morning, I went to check on the delivery status of our new bed I ordered and saw it was cancelled!! 

Talk about a mini heart attack!!! I called the delivery company and they explained that they had refused a partial delivery, meaning that either just the mattress or just the box springs just showed up and they knew it was supposed to be both. So Serta has resent the whole order out. It sets the date back but it is okay. As long as I get my new bed!!! Well my little boy wants to snuggle so I am off!


The Month of June

This month suddenly got super busy for us! My doctor appointment was this past Monday. I have a WIC appointment on the 8th. My ultrasound is on the 15th and my follow up doctor appointment is on the 29th. Add to that we have to get our forms in for food stamps by the 17th of this month and wow we are so busy! Don’t get me wrong, it is a good kind of busy but still a lot to do. Honestly, I am tired thinking about it all! LOL. 

M and I were discussing how I felt bad for those kids with December birthdays they tend to be lumped in with Christmas, because it is the major gift buying holiday in that month. Since our child will be born in December this year, it is a pretty relevant topic. We were discussing what we might want to do if they change my due date to closer to Christmas. If we would wait until after Christmas to celebrate or not. Obviously we would make the day of special, but have the celebration after the holiday or not. 

Right now, I am just trying to make it through the day. I am tired and dizzy. Probably from the meds I am taking right now. Ugh. But they help so I take them. The weather is not particularly helping much either with being cloudy and chances of rain. I am happy to say that everyone has been really happy for us and supportive since we announced baby #2. Again I will get those registry links posted for family not on Facebook. I need to go play with the soon to be big brother here.