So Much Going On…

13322147_10154176154503350_2458884458488236793_nThere is so much going on I am going to try to get it all in this one entry. So take a break, grab a drink and relax, this could get a bit long… LOL.

First of all, June is Migraine Awareness Month. I am happy/sad to be talking about this. If you see someone wearing a migraine awareness shirt please ask them about it. We want to tell our stories and be heard. More than that we want people to understand what migraine is and not. I will try to get a fact post in this month for all you out there who don’t know what they actually are and what happens.

Secondly, Charlotte did well with the surgery last Wednesday. We ended up being admitted for a blood transfusion that day too. Luckily we did not have to spend the night. So now she goes back to the hematologist on the 6th of this month for a check and possible transfusion. When they tested her last Wednesday she was at 7.7 for red blood cell count. Which is not super low but below 8 so her doctor wanted to transfuse. Considering that her last check was March 17th and we made it that long with out a transfusion is progress but we are now back on every 2 week check schedule.

Today is her 6 month well check and shots. She lost about 7 ounces again so that will have to be addressed, but I think once we start her on solids she will start to gain weight like a champ! We are supposed to get the O.K to start that today too. So today is exciting!

On the 7th of this month we have to head to Lexington Speech and Hearing Center to have a consult on a hearing aid for Charlotte. While she did well with the surgery, it did not clear up the issue on the left side. So, this is the next step for her before she starts learning to talk.

Our June calendar is filling up more than it was already! I am supposed to have a chat with the neurologist tomorrow and I am not sure he will like what I have to say and honestly I am not sure I will like what he has to say to me! I will try to update tomorrow after that conversation 13344618_10206964912266245_9072397591098437694_nhappens and let you know what happened and what will happen going forth.

Jeff is doing so well! He is growing by leaps and bounds! Speaking of which he can now climb on and off the bed by himself! He also has started to jump, so now he thinks that is so cool he does it every where! It is cute to watch. He is getting so big and learning so much. I am just beside myself because I am wondering where my little boy went!

Jeff and Charlotte love to babble at each other, it is so cute to watch. I will try to get some video of it happening. It sounds like they are having a whole conversation sometimes!

M is doing well. He has gone back to work and is back at Drill. In fact we have had (2) 3-day drills that went so much better than I could have hoped for. I am glad for that considering AT is coming at the end of summer and it is for 2 weeks! We will be fine though and by then hopefully everything will have settled down medically with Charlotte and all.

Well, I think that is all the news for now.. At least that I can remember at the moment anyway!


Tummy Troubles

It has been a while since I have been here and honestly we have been uber busy with doctor appointments. Charlotte is having surgery on May 25th to get tubes in her ears to help drain the fluid on the left side. She has failed every single hearing test she has had on the left side since birth. Tubes to me are not a big deal, but the putting her to sleep part is, she is so little. Not sure how the anesthesia will affect her. Also, once they get the tubes in they will give her a final hearing test, if she fails that one, it is likely she has nerve hearing loss from the jaundice she had at birth. The doctor told me that kids with severe jaundice have much more likely chance to have nerve hearing loss. If that is the case, then we will have to discuss hearing aids for her.

The reason for the hearing aids at such a young age is because she is developing speech patterns now, so if she is deaf in one ear when she starts talking her speech patterns will not be correct and then we will have to go to a speech therapist. So, hopefully all this works out for the best and tubes work right away.

We had to change her formula again. She is having serious gas issues and still spitting up at 4 months old. If this formula does not work there is one more we can try. I am hoping that this works but so far she is still spitting  up after almost a whole week on the new formula. We might have to go see a pediatric gastroenterologist. We are ruling things out one at a time, which is good, but frustrating!

Jeff turned two last month and he is amazing as ever, although some days extremely frustrating! He is definitely a two year old! We have good days and bad days with that and it sometimes seems like more bad than good lately. Hopefully, it will calm down soon.

M was released from physical therapy. He is happy but was frustrated too. He only had four months of physical therapy after surgery. Monday we are going to run some errands, one of is to get the documentation that he can return to work. We also have to take some of the unopened formula (the soy) to WIC to trade for the new formula. Also we have to go to the armory to get paperwork for the basic housing allowance for when M is gone to AT (annual training) for two weeks in August and then for three weeks in November he will be gone for three weeks for something else. Ugh. Not happy about that, but not like I can make them change it either.

So, keep your fingers crossed that the new formula works and everything is fine with Charlotte! I need to go do battle with the 2 year old, which me luck!


Oh Man Am I Tired!

Charlotte Swing First TimeI am so exhausted that honestly most days I have no idea what day it is or even who I am. At least until Jeff yells at me, but even then he does not say momma. LOL. Charlotte is doing well, gaining weight so now we do not have to go back to the doctor with her until January when she is 2 month old. We switched her formula to soy because she was very fussy and gassy. It seems to have helped some, but she is still very gassy and fussy sometimes, but it has not even been a whole week on the new formula, so I am hoping that things get better.

M is doing so well with physical therapy, they said he might be running by March again. I am so thrilled because that has been his serious goal. Once he starts running again he can get into shape again and pass a PT test for the Army he can pick up his 5 and then we can assess what will be next for us. He truly wants to go back to active duty and I am totally behind him on that. Once he has his 5 he only has to be in that rank until he can possibly pick up his 6.

So hopefully some good things coming in 2016, we could sure use them!! Jeff is really loving towards his sister and loves to kiss her. In fact, it is hard to get him to keep his hands off her when she is trying to sleep! He is helpful to me by putting the lid on the bottle and taking it off too when I need it.

Today Charlotte is in her swing for the first time. Not sure she totally likes it, but it gives my arms and back a break from holding her. I celebrated by taking a picture of course. I will post it here when I am done.

Well, my mind just went blank, so I will go… cause I can not remember what I wanted to say. Seems like normal for me right now.


Time Slips Away

IMG_0308 I can’t believe it is the end of April already! For those wondering, we got through the three day training okay. A couple of nights were rough but when M got home all was right again and Jeff of course was thrilled to see his dad! The weather here has certainly been crazy and today it is storming at the moment. I am not complaining because rain means less pollen in the air and better for me. M has a lot of stuff coming up in the next month with medical appointments and such for his med board. I am beyond grateful for the staff handling this because they are really communicative on what will happen, what needs to happen, etc… Makes it less stressful for us all.

Got some great news yesterday! M has been selected for conversion by Amazon! Only a few people got the paperwork and he did. So we will be working on that this week! So excited for this! He really does deserve it though. He works hard without complaining and is reliable.

Jeff and I are well, we are getting through most days as painless as possible. Last week was a little bit touch and go. He is getting to be very hard headed in the things he wants to do. Most of those things are off limits and tests me and some days I pass and others I fail. But I always try again. He is growing by leaps and bounds! I am thinking we need to move into 12 month PJs now for him because some of the 9 month old stuff is getting small!

We have moved Jeff into the world of table food and oh man has he just loved it! He loves yogurt (strawberry, strawberry/banana, peach, and caramel are some of his faves), he loves pretty much anything potato at this point, he loves chicken nuggets, pretzels, Cheez-Its, he tried and liked vegetable soup, saltine crackers, fresh fruit ( strawberries, bananas, cantaloupe, and I can not wait for him to try watermelon!).

So we went from a kid who would not eat any kind of baby food who will eat what ever I am eating that is not tied down on my plate basically! Tonight we are having burgers and fries, so he gets his own little burger cooked well done of course! It will be his first, so I am looking forward to that! He loves cheese ( like his dad!) and wants to grab my tacos but because of the seasonings and the taco sauce I use, I can not let him have any.

He is amazing! He is also trying too. We are working on using our inside voices when we are excited. Sometimes it works and well sometimes I get a migraine! He is still giving momma kisses like crazy and has now started to add sucking while kissing me on the cheek!

He truly does have a red head temperament, but I am learning to work with that. Not always easy and some days I just want to crawl into the nearest corner and cry, but we keep moving forward! I made a doctor appointment to have my checked out because my migraines are getting worse some days and it seems like I have them for days on end. Hoping to find a medicine that will give me some small amount of relief without some horrible side effects. Not sure it is possible, but trying.

Anyway, I had changed my Primary Care Physician (PCP) because the one I had was only in the office on Fridays and I needed more than that! So, I called the new one, after waiting for my new cards to arrive and made an appointment. She scheduled me for May 25th. I was thinking, why does that date mean something to me?? I looked and it is Memorial Day. SO I called them back today and mentioned that my appointment was on May 25th and it was Memorial Day, were they really open then? The lady I spoke to started laughing and was like, well I won’t be here!! Apparently they had a WHOLE day of patients scheduled and did not realize until I mentioned it. So, now they will be making some phone calls to reschedule. She did thank me though and I could not help but laugh too.

So, that is the news from our corner of the world! Hope all is well with all of you!


Frustrated Beyond Belief!

When I am trying to get my Jeff to eat off a spoon, I feel like I need to tell people teaching a infant to eat is not for the faint of heart! He was doing so awesome and moving right along, now we are back to square one again! He won’t eat rice or oatmeal cereal, no matter what I put in it to make it taste good! I did get him to eat like five spoons of green beans today before he started grabbing the spoon and making me fling it all over the place and me. He wears more than he eats most days. Ugh!

I have read all the articles that tell you not to get frustrated and all, but I have to tell you, when he ate 20+ bites of cereal I thought we were on easy street! Now, I can barely get him to eat any cereal what so ever. I tried to give him Gerber Stage 1 apple sauce too and he wants nothing to do with that. Which is kind of strange because he loves apple juice. Although he has not had any in quite a while.

About 3 months ago we switched his formula to the Gerber Good Starts Gentle, which is a liquid and the constipation went away! He is going every day now and there is no reason for the apple juice so I quit giving it to him. I am so happy that the constipation is gone and it is so much easier on us all now.

He is six months old and the time has just flown by! I Can’t believe it has been half a year already! Holy cow!  Well, I need to run because I now have to feed myself, which is far easier!