Crazy Times For Us

So, here we are at the end of our two-year lease where we live. It has not been all horribly bad even with the takeover by the people who threw us out of the first place. All in all, it has been pretty good. They have a great maintenance staff here and when you have an issue they are quick to fix it for you. The ACTUAL reason we are moving at the end of February is that they are raising the rent $250 a month because they renovated. That is way out of our price point. I have found two places, one we have an appointment on Monday to look at and I have to call the second place on Monday to see if we can go see it on Tuesday. One is here in Lexington, in fact, not far from where we live now. We were joking last night that we have lived in the same 5-mile radius since we moved here, this new place will fall into that. LOL.  The second one is in Georgetown, Ky. It is actually a bit closer to M’s work, so that is a plus. I am reserving my judgment until I see both places in person.

We have all been sick now for 4 weeks! Charlotte was at the ER on Wednesday because of wheezing, she has a nasty viral thing that will hang on for another week or two. Ugh. I am not sure I can hang on for another week or two! Jeff and M both also got this but M is back to normal and Jeff is almost back to normal. Charlotte and I are still sick for the most part, though. Charlotte goes to her doctor for a recheck on Monday after we look at the one apartment, so I am hoping that everything is still good. We shall see! 

Now, I have to pack this house up! I hate packing and unpacking! I am using this time though to go through stuff and get rid of stuff we no longer need or want, so hopefully when we move we move into the new place with less stuff!! We have also been looking at beds for Jeff (he sleeps with me in the bedroom currently, M sleeps in the living room with Charlotte) and a convertible crib for Charlotte. She is in that tough area of not really crib but too small for a toddler bed yet. Found a bed for Jeff that we all like, including Jeff and I told him that we would get special sheets and a comforter for his big-boy-bed. He was excited about that, he wants Micky Mouse Clubhouse sheets and I found the perfect set that includes a comforter. I will get a second set of sheets too to make life easy on me. We also found a nice crib for Charlotte with a mattress, and I looked at sheets for her too. So, we are planning on doing that after we move. We are thinking about getting a new bed for us as well if money permits. We shall see. 

I am excited to get into a new place with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!! It feels like a long road to get there, though. I am trying to make a plan, so that if the kitchen does not get unpacked the day of move in that we can have stuff we need. I told M that I wanted to pack a box that would not go on the truck with 1-2 cups for Jeff, Charlotte’s training cups and a couple of bottles, a couple of cups for us to use, forks and spoons for us, fork and spoon for Jeff and paper plates and plastic bowls. That way, we have something to drink out of, utensils to eat with and plates and bowls. Trying to not have to get so much plasticware. I think I have a bad full of plastic forks and stuff in the closet, I will have to see if so, I will throw a bunch of those in the box instead and then just take Jeff’s fork and spoon. 

On to some amazing news, Miss. Charlotte is cruising!! In case you have no idea what that is, it is pre-walking. She is using furniture and me to move from one place to another. She was not doing this a couple of weeks ago and I saw her do it on the couch and I was so happy! Now she is doing it a lot, which means that this momma will have her hands full soon!! She is getting so big and doing so well, even though we have not had any therapy in about four weeks because we have all been sick.

Jeff is doing well with his signing. I am hoping to get him into therapy this week, he got approved right in the middle of all the sickness! Ugh! It is almost over I hope. Life is still hard but some things are easier. I am still really tired but I think that is because I am still not feeling well. I have not been able to really run the business well because of this, but I do have a party scheduled for next Friday so hopefully that will help me out. 

Well, I think I am going to go for now. 


So Much Happening Over a Short Period!

Okay, let me go back real fast and see where we left off, you have time to grab yourself some tea and get comfortable.  Okay back! So, Since we last gabbed on June 18th, a lot has happened! Our apartment was recently renovated ( the 28th as it happens.) That day was LONG. Luckily the renovators let us have until noon to leave as we had stuff to do anyway, but the days leading up to that were both tiring and frustrating too. We had to remove everything from the kitchen counters, under the cabinets, out of all the cabinets and drawers, top of fridge, everywhere. We also had to remove everything from the bathroom, counters, cabinets, towel bars, shower curtain, medicine cabinet, everywhere. Then without telling us they changed the day that the appliances were being done, which originally was the 29th, so we had time to get a cooler for the food and empty the dishwasher, um, not so much. They decided to do that on the 28th too, with no warning. Ugh. We came back about 5 pm and they were not done, so we went to dinner ( we had that planned anyway) and come back by at 7:30 pm and they were almost finished, so we took Jeff to his second park of the day. We got home from that at 8:30 pm and they were gone.

Jeff got new shoes and sandals, which he desperately needed! He is wearing a size 8 1/2 – 9 now!! His shoes were a size 6, I felt so horrible because the day before he was crying that his feet hurt!! I should say so! There is no Stride Rite in the mall here anymore, but we found a fantastic shoe store not far from the mall and they measured his feet and helped us find some great shoes! I can not say enough about Howard Curry Shoes!! They were just totally amazing!

After shoes we went to Wendy’s down the way a bit for lunch, I had not had Wendy’s in a while and enjoyed it as did Jeff, it was his first time! We stopped off at Walmart to grab some baby water for Miss. Charlotte so I could have a good amount of bottles, we just brought a can and half of formula with us and all the 8 ounce bottles we had because we did not know how many we would need and how long we would be gone for!

We went to the first park of the day after that, it was about 2 pm by this time and Jeff’s First Steps appointment was at 3 pm but we were not that far from where it was. He did amazingly great all day Tuesday! The appointment for First Steps is for a speech delay and they did a hearing test there, he totally passed that, but because of Miss. Charlotte’s issues with hearing, they wanted a more in depth hearing test which will take place on July 25th. We got him all signed up there and I have to go through all that stuff and re read a lot of it.

We went to Golden Corral for dinner because, we never really know what exactly we want and this gives us so many choices! Jeff ate quite a bit and had some milk and because he was so good all day he got dessert! He had a chocolate chocolate chip cookie and three gummy bears, which he loved! Of course it was so hot that day and our car does not have great A/C or honestly I do not think we have A/C at all. With all the running around, Jeff did not get more than maybe a 20 minute nap but still did so good.

The last couple of days have been spent putting the house back together. I have a few more things to get finished, but washing all the pans and stuff that had renovation dust on them, so of course that takes like 2-3 three times longer. I was not going to do much today, but got 3 boxes emptied and more dishes done. I still have to make dinner tonight, but that is not a big deal because we are having meatball subs and French fries for dinner so easy peasy dinner. Which is what I had planned. Last night I had originally planned to eat out again, but I made home made pizzas instead.

There is one blind missing in the kitchen and apparently it is a special order and it is not in yet. They are hoping either Friday or Tuesday, honestly I am hoping for Friday.. LOL, but not holding my breath though.

Oh July 5th Miss. Charlotte is going to the hematologist to be checked and possible blood transfusion. So, that will be a long day for M as he volunteered to take her so Jeff and I could just sleep in!  I have an MRI coming up on July 18th.. Not really looking forward to that.

Miss Charlotte did go to her post op appointment and they want to see her in 3 months and then she needs another hearing test (ABR) at 12 months. I can not believe how fast this year is flying by! Last year at this time we were getting ready for the In-Laws to visit in October! M and I have almost been married a whole year! Good gravy!!

Well, I need to run and empty the dishwasher for the 100th time!


News and Other News

Last night or even yesterday, I totally failed. I forgot to take out the pork chops from the freezer for dinner. I swear the baby is just sucking all my brain cells right out of my head day after day! So, instead we had Chinese for dinner, which I love! I always get Jeff their chicken fingers appetizer and honestly it is like a couple of meals for him. He tried fried rice for the first time and absolutely loved it! The baby even liked it because I got to eat a full dinner. Although I did not finish it.

I got myself chicken and green beans, a pint of won ton soup, and fried dumplings. The fried dumplings are my favorite actually! I try to get them all the time when I can. I ate those first, LOL. I have the soup and the rest of my dinner left today for lunch. Jeff has a lot of chicken left for his lunch, so we are good to go for today.

The issue is that I woke up at 5:30 am with heartburn. Again. Ugh. I took some antacid and I am waiting for it to work. Which it seems to be taking it’s sweet time. I have a doctor appointment on Monday, they will do another sugar test on me to see if I am diabetic. Ugh. I hate those! I get horrible headaches after this test because they are dumping a whole lot of sugar into my system at once. Then, I have to sit there for an hour and wait, then they take my blood. Ugh.

Normally I would only have to do this one time, but because I am 40, it is a whole different set of rules. Don’t get me wrong, I know they are being cautious, but this really puts a lot of stress on me because I get the migraine from hell and in relation, puts a ton of stress on the baby too. So, I will take my migraine meds with me to take afterwards and M said he will get me some real food to eat after the test which will help counter all the sugar that will be in my system.

M’s parents are renting a house not far from us while they are here. They will be here for about a week and will leave after my birthday. I am looking forward to their visit and Jeff meeting them for the first time!

So, M has a 3 day drill coming up in September, but is not sure if he has to go. They will be back the day before his knee surgery and honestly I do not want him to go because they will be in the field and there is such a high risk that he will hurt his knee even more than it already is. If that happens, all the higher ups in the unit would be in trouble for letting him go. So, on Tuesday he has to talk to them and see what they want him to do. It seems kind of crazy to me that Tuesday is already September 1st! Holy cow!

Of course we are waiting on Amazon to get their butts in gear and fill out the paperwork for M’s leave and pay while he is out for surgery. Sigh. If this is not done in time, he will have to put the surgery off I fear. So,it is a waiting game and I am not good at that game when the deadline is so close!

I think I am going to go back and lay down some more.


Jeff Updates

This week has been full of firsts for Jeff! I think I mentioned that he took three steps on his own already,if I had not, he did!! Last night he learned to somersault on the bed, all by himself! He also hopped yesterday by himself! Oh my goodness, he is growing up so fast and I can not stand it! I am so proud of him, but honestly wish all this would slow down some! 

This morning he nodded yes at me for the first time ever! I am amazed as I watch my little boy make such strides and I remember what he was like after he was born and I could just stare at him and think how wondrous that his tiny little hand would grow bigger. I miss those days for sure, but I know he can’t stay little forever. 

Oh man I am a hormonal mess lately! I am seeing certain things on Face Book and they are not bad things, they are happy things and I am just a blubbering mess! Today we got the crib mattress that grandma and grandpa sent.. The sheets will be here later, but my plan is to put it on the floor and show him he can lay on that if he wants to nap or sleep. 

Our new bed is very high off the ground now and I am paranoid he is going to fall off! It is like getting on a horse for me to get in bed. I have a step stool coming in a day or so. Some of my friends are like get a running start and jump on the bed! I was like “People I am pregnant!” LOL. It did make me laugh though. So all good! 

Today was a horrible headache day for me, 2 of my pills and nothing worked. ugh. I am thinking of making home made pizza and wings for dinner tonight. I have the chicken thawed and I need cheese, but M can run across the street and grab some with no problem. I am in a pizza and wings mood but not to order out and definitely not to go anywhere. 

The cord for M’s lap top died on Thursday and I had ordered a new one from Amazon, hopefully it will be delivered to the house and not the mail box because we are having mail box issues at the moment, which hopefully can be taken care of Monday or Tuesday. I have a dentist appointment on Monday. It will be my last appointment for the month of July, right this minute I only have 1 appointment scheduled for August and I am hoping to keep it that way. I need a month where we are not running all over the place for once! 

Well, I think that is it for now..