Another Update

I know I am terrible lately at keeping everyone updated and I apologize for that. Life has been crazy and busy! So last Monday M and I talked about applying for Food stamps again. If you are a long time reader of this blog you know the issues we have had in the past with this. He agreed and I went and applied online. Within 10 minutes the guy called for the interview. By the end of that phone call we  had food stamps for Feb ( what is left of it anyway) and March. Which is helpful. I have to do a second interview and get the paperwork done then we will get food stamps for the rest of the year possibly. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Charlotte has back to back doctor appointments tomorrow with the NICU grad clinic and the hematologist.  I am thinking she will need another transfusion tomorrow or sometime this week. WIC appointment is on Tuesday for us as well, so this will be a busy week!

M went back to Drill in Feb for the first time since surgery. He did well. So did we because it was our (the kids and I) first time all of us home all day with out him. His next Drill is beginning of March. He is doing so well with physical therapy.

Well, I am going to run, I am tired and I need a nap.


Just A Quick Update

I normally do not do more than one post per day but once in a while I like to get all rebel and break the rules! So, an update on the food stamp front, I think the day I did my entry ( you can find it here if you missed it) This really nice lady called from the food stamp office and we had the interview right on the phone! It was like a day or two after I filled out the application on line. So the good news is that she did not out right tell me that we do not qualify. I am in the verification part now. I have a few forms to get filled out, some stuff to print out, a couple of copies to make and the doctor to talk to on the 1st. 

Speaking of the doctor appointment, I got a reminder phone call from them today. How cool is that? I am making a list of the questions I need to ask. Especially about meds for my migraines and asthma. I have noticed that I am wheezing when I am sleeping, this is not good. I am not especially looking forward to this doctor visit but it needs to happen and I can not cancel. Ugh. 

Jeff is getting hot again. He finally passed out a bit ago. He had about a 45 minute nap all day and that is so not like him at all! All he wanted to do was lay on me. Which is so not like him. M put him on the floor to crawl around, which when he is feeling good, he absolutely loves to do! He did not want to tonight. He just wanted to chill on mom. I actually managed to get dinner done tonight, it was a crock pot meal, so that was helpful. Trying to decide what to make for dinner tomorrow in case he is not feeling well. I have a recipe called Mayo Chicken that is a 30 minute meal. I might do that and have M put the chicken in some cold water in the morning to defrost before he leaves so when we get up it will be defrosted or almost defrosted. 

This is a rent week, so no Domino’s or anything like that. Sigh. I wish. But rent is first as always. I have some news about M’s knees but that will have to wait for another time until I know what is going on for sure with all this mess. Sigh. I am so over it all! Next week is the electric bill and the washer and dryer bill and food. Hopefully I will have all the things I need to send in for food stamps done soon so they can put it into the system and we can find out the outcome! I started a new grocery list because we are out of a few things and as I see what else we need it goes on the list. I honestly wish we had the money for a cab for my doctor appointment, but there is no way possible. Ugh. The hardest part is getting to the bus stop and home again. I always have a hard time and my asthma is worst because there was a time when I would not have any kind of issues with it, but now I am having all kinds of issues. Sigh. Well, I need to run and make sure my son is okay and lay down finally. 


Headbutting and More

I am so not motivated what so ever today. I did not sleep well. So, I finally got my son’s social security number in the mail and finished M’s taxes. When I was finished, Turbo Tax actually suggested that we apply for food stamps. I was like, well okay. So I did. Kentucky has an online application which they have had but it never worked quite right  at all. So I was left printing out a paper application and mailing it before. They apparently fixed what ever issues were wrong with the online application. I filled it out. Yesterday a very nice lady called me from the food stamp office to do the interview over the phone. She is sending me some paperwork to fill out to verify some things and then we send it back and wait. 

The waiting is what kills me. They have 30 days to decide our fate. I hate waiting. If we get the help we so desperately need it will be a Godsend really. Let me illustrate: M got paid on last Thursday. After paying the bills that were due, we had enough for $100 in groceries. Then M realized his bus pass was about to expire in 3 days, so that is $30. So that left us with $70 for groceries for 2 weeks. Two weeks because all of the next 2 paychecks have to go to rent. Which is due on the 1st. 

So, after revinsing my list yet again to fit in the new amount we could spend, we still could not get somethings on the list that are kinda of important, like toilet paper. So, you see there is a real need here for help. In the past we were always told that M makes too much, hopefully with Jeff now eating regular food that will change. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Jeff has taken to headbutting me when I tell him no. Sigh. I am not sure how to deal with this latest issue. I tell him no, but you know how well that works with a almost toddler. He definitely has the red headed temper! The weather here has been icky. I feel storms coming in, the pressure changes and I get headaches. Jeff also is sensitive to this, so of course he is not himself today either. Sigh. I am hoping to be able to get a new bed with some of the tax money. We so desperately need it. Maybe a king size so we all have more room and I will not wake up with fat lips anymore from my wonderful son who likes to smack me in his sleep. Right now he is pitching a living fit because I asked him to not touch the lap top that I am using. Sigh. Of course with this migraine I am rocking it is not helping that he is crying. ugh. 

Well, I am going to run, I am on binkie patrol…