Sleep… Apparently None for Me

No, this is not a scheduled post, I am truly up at 1:39am writing this as the rest of the house sleeps.. Can I just take a minute to say how freakin jealous I am of them?!?! Ugh. I have had issues lately with sleeping and honestly I thought they were behind me, but well, nope. 

First off, I am hot. Not in the wow, she is hot looking way, but in the omg my skin is melting off it is so damn hot in here way. Now, I know this is just me and my hormones are acting up again. Yeah, I am 40 and pregnant, so hormones play a HUGE roll. Secondly, I have heartburn that could light Texas up for a month! I have no idea where my second bottle of antacid went because Jeff decided to throw it some place because I would not let him play with it. It is shrink wrapped and has the inside cover thingy still on it, so he could not get into it, but now I need it and can’t find it. I can’t exactly go turning lights on to look either.. so I sit here in the dark typing this and suffering. 

Honestly, all I want is sweet sleep for once. No nightmares, no heart burn, no hot room… Just nice, wonderful, restorative sleep.. Maybe tomorrow.. yeah who am I kidding with that? LOL