Vindication Tastes Sweet

So, most of you know that I have been battling to get my son diagnosed properly. We had a blow to that process earlier this year, but that was trumped yesterday. I will take you behavioral psychologist and raise you a pediatric neurologist! I win! I know it seems petty, but when two (2) pediatricians with their own Autistic kids have BOTH said my son is Autistic and then this woman undoes all that with one report, it really irritated me. Especially when she notes some of his autistic behavior in said report, but no it is not Autism. It is Apraxia, something that honestly no one I have spoken to even knew about! 

Well, all this changed yesterday with our trip to San Francisco. We went to see a pediatric neurologist for Jeff because of the diagnosis of Apraxia. Which he does not have. He is Autistic and meets the requirements for being diagnosed as such. So, today with a letter from this neurologist in hand, I called the school district to get the process started. He has an appointment at 3pm there to be evaluated. 

Also, had to reschedule a WIC appointment because we were all so very ill and missed it. Which is that day but earlier. Charlotte starts her speech therapy on Monday and the Infant specialist is coming on Tuesday. Also, got her 2 years well check scheduled. Made a few other calls to get some information on help for a few things we need. Mike did well at his post office interview in West Sacremento today and now we are waiting on an email for him to get drug tested and his background check. We have to get Jeff some blood work done, some of it is genetic testing that is in depth so it will not be back for a couple of months. We are moving forward with all this stuff. Somedays I feel like I am standing in place though. I am so very tired and bone weary of most stuff going on. 

I missed counseling for 2 weeks because we were really sick and go back on Monday afternoon. I am so looking forward to that! I need to get back on schedule for my meds too because of nausea I had stopped taking them, so now it is time to start again. Right now life is busy and overwhelming. I need to run.. 


Genetic Testing

Yesterday was one of those days for me. Jeff woke up way too early to see M off to work and then would not settle back down to go back to sleep. So, when the genetic testing lady called me at 8:30 am yesterday, I was awake wondering who in the world would be calling us that early?!? As, it turned out, it was wonderful news, my tests had results and they were negative. Which means that there is a low risk that baby Charlotte will have Autism or any of the other genetic disorders that we tested for. I was so relieved! I mean, there is always that chance, but since none of the other kids had those issues, I was trying to not be concerned about it, but I am 40 and things are different now. 

I hung up the phone and looked at Jeff and cried. Not really sure why, well yes I am, because I was relieved. Mostly about the other genetic issues we tested for not the autism, because as a friend of mine says, Autism is a super power! And she would be right! Jeff of course had no idea why momma was crying so the look on his face was priceless. It was also confirmed that we are having a girl! 

I am so tired today, but can not sleep right now. Monday is my doctor appointment and Tuesday is when M talks to the surgeon at the VA about a date for surgery on his knee. So lots of stuff going on in the beginning of August. I think I am headed to lay back down while Jeff is still sleeping.. 


Updates and Other Stuff

I did not realize it has been so long since I posted! I have been quite busy! I hope your 4th of July was great. Mine was good, we hung around the house because Jeff is not ready for fireworks yet. He does not like loud noises at all. He was having issues with the ones being set off around here. 

I had my doctor appointment on Monday and everything looks great with the baby! I also had another blood test for another kind of issue, something with the neural tubes of the brain for the new baby. So, hopefully will get those results soon. I will have to redo the first round of genetic testing because there was not enough fetal DNA in my blood to get any kind of result. Sigh. So when I go for my second ultrasound on July 21st, I will redo that test too. This month is a lot quieter than last month which is good for me. Monday we went out to lunch after the doctor appointment and it has been quite some time since we went some place and actually sat there and ate. It was really nice! Jeff did great sitting in a high chair and eating his own lunch! He had chicken fingers and fries. 

Trying to let Jeff be more independent with in reason these days. It is working out quite nicely. He lets me know when he wants on the floor to go do his own thing and then comes back and wants to hang out with Momma. I do have to go behind him and clean up some messes, mostly his clothes in his basket that he likes to throw around. But it is okay, only takes a few minutes to pick up and then it is done. So this morning, I went to check on the delivery status of our new bed I ordered and saw it was cancelled!! 

Talk about a mini heart attack!!! I called the delivery company and they explained that they had refused a partial delivery, meaning that either just the mattress or just the box springs just showed up and they knew it was supposed to be both. So Serta has resent the whole order out. It sets the date back but it is okay. As long as I get my new bed!!! Well my little boy wants to snuggle so I am off!


Uber Busy and Happenings!

Okay, so most of you know I am pregnant again, since the doctor appointment on June 1st I have been literally doing something baby related every single week this month! That trend continued Monday with the first ultrasound I had. Basically everything with the baby is looking great and is right on target. I have to go back in late July for another ultrasound for anatomy and gender but I will more than likely know the gender before that because as I am in ‘an advanced stage of aging’ to be pregnant, I elected to have genetic testing done. Basically they are screening for things like Down’s Syndrome and other chromosome issues. It will let us prepare the family and ourselves for what we are up against when the baby is born. M and I talked about it and we agreed we needed to know. 

The Monday before that was WIC for me which totally bombed. Sigh. I did not have half the stuff I needed with me at that appointment and I thought I had it. Yeah. It went really badly so I had to reschedule for this upcoming Monday the 23rd. Which is okay because Jeff had a WIC appointment then anyway, but I was originally just going to send M to pick up his stuff and I was going to stay home and rest., but now that is out the window! 

Then on the 29th is my doctor appointment. This past Monday however, I way overdid it with all the walking! We were downtown and had lunch, went to the doctor, had blood work done, went to the library and got library cards. I ended up checking out a few books, 2 for Jeff and 1 for me. Then walked back to the bus stop and had to walk back home. I am still in recovery mode today. 

I am still working on another title for this blog and possibly changing the theme some. So don’t panic if you show up here and everything is different! I need to run.