Good News and A Advertisement For a Friend

Daniel Mancini

Daniel Mancini

*** This is a quick disclaimer, I am not getting paid for the things I am about to say about Mama Mancini’s or Daniel Mancini, these things are because I believe in the product and the man behind the product….***

So, you all watch QVC right? Well, if you do, I have someone I want you to watch for on Monday. His name is Daniel Mancini and he owns Mama Mancini’s. He will be on for the first time selling his wonderful sauce and meatballs, just like Grandma used to make! His grandma, not yours. You can find their website here so you can see where you can get their full line of products that they sell. I stumbled on to their Facebook page a couple of years ago, and yes it really is Daniel Mancini running it. He answers questions and comments. He is also very big into wonderful local businesses and restaurants and will even talk about them on the Facebook page. You can find their Facebook page here

Now there is a link to what he will be selling on QVC and you can see what that is here. I do hope that you will tune in and support a great man and a wonderful business!!! If you want, leave him a message on the Facebook page that tells him that Tawnya sent ya! Please support him, he really is a great man with an amazing product that is natural and delicious!

On to the good news! M got or is getting converted to be a full time Amazon employee today! He already did the drug test and they are running the background check. All we need to do is to find his H.S diploma. This is truly great news and it involves a small raise too!! I need to run for a bit, Do not forget about QVC and Daniel!