Charlotte is Home

Charlotte came home finally yesterday! Her bilirubin number was 10 that morning so she was good to go! We have a ton of doctor appointments in the next few months, more than just her pediatrician, but that is okay. They want to make sure everything is okay and is working right.. Monday is the pediatrician appointment which kicks off the parade of doctors! Jeff is not sure what to do with her yet and he has been fussy because he realizes she is here to stay and that means we love him less. So e are trying to give him extra cuddles and kisses.. 

Charlotte Home

Charlotte Home

Charlotte Update

Yesterday they had taken Charlotte off the lights because her bilirubin number was down to 13, which was wonderful news. They were expecting a rebound in that number after that because without the lights the bilirubin builds back up. She rebounded to 13.4 last night. Which was not bad and she was still under 14.

This morning when we called to check on her, her bilirubin number was back up to 19, which is not good. She is back under lights again. She is eating well and having full diapers, which is a good sign because she is getting the bilirubin out of her body. But the large jump in number has me a bit worried. I have to go take care of some things, I will keep you all updated as I know more.


My Worst Nightmare


Charlotte Under Lights

Overnight Charlotte developed severe jaundice. Her bilirubin number was 22.4 which was the highest they had ever seen. She was rushed immediately and put under lights. They took her up to the NICU and she is still in the hospital. She will be there for several days. Before I left I went to visit her and her numbers came down to 15 and when I called at 8:30pm she was down even further to 13.9 which is good! 

I will call in a bit to get an update and go see her today. I am having trouble sleeping now because this is not how all this was supposed to end. She is supposed to be here at home with us. I know jaundice is common, I had 2 now 3 out of the 4 kids had it just not this severe. Had they not caught it the bilirubin could have gone to her brain and caused brain damage. Which is hy I am so freaked out because it happened so fast. 

We would appreciate prayers and good thoughts that she is able to come home sooner rather than later. I need to go try and sleep some.