So Much Going On…

13322147_10154176154503350_2458884458488236793_nThere is so much going on I am going to try to get it all in this one entry. So take a break, grab a drink and relax, this could get a bit long… LOL.

First of all, June is Migraine Awareness Month. I am happy/sad to be talking about this. If you see someone wearing a migraine awareness shirt please ask them about it. We want to tell our stories and be heard. More than that we want people to understand what migraine is and not. I will try to get a fact post in this month for all you out there who don’t know what they actually are and what happens.

Secondly, Charlotte did well with the surgery last Wednesday. We ended up being admitted for a blood transfusion that day too. Luckily we did not have to spend the night. So now she goes back to the hematologist on the 6th of this month for a check and possible transfusion. When they tested her last Wednesday she was at 7.7 for red blood cell count. Which is not super low but below 8 so her doctor wanted to transfuse. Considering that her last check was March 17th and we made it that long with out a transfusion is progress but we are now back on every 2 week check schedule.

Today is her 6 month well check and shots. She lost about 7 ounces again so that will have to be addressed, but I think once we start her on solids she will start to gain weight like a champ! We are supposed to get the O.K to start that today too. So today is exciting!

On the 7th of this month we have to head to Lexington Speech and Hearing Center to have a consult on a hearing aid for Charlotte. While she did well with the surgery, it did not clear up the issue on the left side. So, this is the next step for her before she starts learning to talk.

Our June calendar is filling up more than it was already! I am supposed to have a chat with the neurologist tomorrow and I am not sure he will like what I have to say and honestly I am not sure I will like what he has to say to me! I will try to update tomorrow after that conversation 13344618_10206964912266245_9072397591098437694_nhappens and let you know what happened and what will happen going forth.

Jeff is doing so well! He is growing by leaps and bounds! Speaking of which he can now climb on and off the bed by himself! He also has started to jump, so now he thinks that is so cool he does it every where! It is cute to watch. He is getting so big and learning so much. I am just beside myself because I am wondering where my little boy went!

Jeff and Charlotte love to babble at each other, it is so cute to watch. I will try to get some video of it happening. It sounds like they are having a whole conversation sometimes!

M is doing well. He has gone back to work and is back at Drill. In fact we have had (2) 3-day drills that went so much better than I could have hoped for. I am glad for that considering AT is coming at the end of summer and it is for 2 weeks! We will be fine though and by then hopefully everything will have settled down medically with Charlotte and all.

Well, I think that is all the news for now.. At least that I can remember at the moment anyway!


I Enjoy Weekends… Mostly

M works a strange schedule. He works 4 days for 10 hours. So, he gets Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off, which I love! I make all of my appointments for Monday or Tuesday because honestly I do not know the bus routes well and I feel better if he is with me and he helps me with Jeff. I usually try for Mondays for appointments so M can have Tuesday to rest and get ready for work on Wednesday. This week did not work out like that. Jeff and I had WIC appointments yesterday, so we were up rather early and off by noon. We did not get home until almost 5pm last night. So, then it is try to relax some, cool off because it was muggy and hot yesterday, then dinner, and all the other fun stuff that comes with a kid. 

I am in recovery mode today because yesterday was rough on me. M did not want to get up and go to work this morning ( who can blame him?!?!). Even though the calendar says it is Wednesday, it sure feels like a Monday to me! So much going on with his Army stuff and his knee. I can’t even begin to process it all.. When I have a clear idea of what is happening I am sure I will be writing about it. The good, bad and ugly. 

Jeff does fantastic on the bus when we go out and about! He loves riding the bus and seeing all the people. Yesterday he fell asleep in M’s arms on the bus and slept for about an hour or so. When we got home, he was wide awake and full of energy of course! I was pretty much dead. 

I am hoping after the next doctor appointment on next Monday I will have no place to be until the middle of July for the second ultrasound. I need a break from running! June was crazy because I had to be some place every single week this month! Ugh. Well, I am going to try and get some more sleep before Jeff wakes up for the day.