It’s Been Crazy Here

I am sorry for not keeping everyone updated, it has been kinda crazy the last few days. I went on Monday and sat with Charlotte for over an hour and fed her. It as nice to hold her again. She was off lights at that point, so that was good. Then her numbers spiked again and they moved her to the nursery. Well, techincally they moved her first then the numbers spiked. She was back up to 15 this morning but she is back down to 13 again tonight when I called. I am going to see her tomorrow and speak to the doctors because I have a lot of questions. 

We are of course worried about her and I was hoping to have her home this week but that looks like it is not going to happen. She is eating well and having lots of diapers, so that is good, I am worried about all the spikes and the effect it is having on her body. I also am wondering why this is happening most of all. I also am wondering what this is doing to her liver too. Like I said lots of questions. 

I have the best in-laws on the planet, they helped us out with rent.. so that is one less major thing on my mind and we will get some money today or tomorrow to pay the other bills that are due. We have food, so that is not an issue at this point. The WIC appointment to get Charlotte is on that is on the 8th so I am trying to get stuff in case she comes home before that so we can feed her. I am lucky and I have great friends, a friend of mine got me some diapers and an outfit and also shipped a box to me on Monday with other stuff for her. My MIL got her a bunch of clothes as well and other stuff. Right now, the immediate need is bottles and formula. 

Jeff is doing well, he is starting to actually call family members on the phone. LOL. I guess I am glad it is family and not some random person somewhere, although I am afraid that is next with the way he loves to push buttons. He is running all over the place and learned how to open a zip lock bag in the last few days. Now nothing is safe! 

M is doing well, he started physical therapy and the physical therapist was impressed with what he has done on his own. He is working hard as usual and is happy with his own progress. I am just glad he finally is in physical therapy and able to ork on gettng his balace and stability back. 

That is about all that has been going on for now.. 


Knee Surgery and All That Comes With It

So, M had his knee surgery on Monday after about 11.5 years of living with the torn ACL that he got in the Army. The fact that they did not fix it is beyond me and an entry for another time.

Let me say that M is doing quite well for being only 3 days post op. I am however, tired as all get out because I am taking care of him and Jeff. There are a lot of things that changed in our house now.. Jeff is learning that he can not touch M’s boo boo. It is a process because he forgets and tries to play rough and then we have to tell him again.. and again…

Also, Jeff now has to share my time all the time, something he is not really used to, so this results in tantrums and other fun things. Most recently over nap time. Ugh. It is hard but we are making the adjustments. Also, now everything falls on me in the house. Which is a process for me too because I am in pain most days and I have a hard time reaching and getting things, so I have to be creative about it.

Our washer is deep. Like even if I was not pregnant, I have a hard time getting stuff on the bottom of it. I literally had to climb on it to reach the little things on the bottom! Now with a baby belly I can’t do that! So, I have tongs from the kitchen that help me reach the clean clothes in the bottom of the washer so I can put them in the dryer.

It is a work in process and M goes back to the doctor on the 29th and we go from there. I have to rearrange some appointments this next week and the week after, but we should be okay. His parents will be here soon, so that will help. Keep us in your good thoughts and prayers because we need them!



You know that lately I have been not able to eat much, well, it has caught up with me. There have been times, few and far between where I could eat an entire meal over the last month or so. This morning I woke up with no voice and feeling like garbage.. Actually, I am pretty sure garbage felt better than I did. Originally I had a dentist appointment today but I had to have M call and cancel it because of the no voice thing.

Fast forward to about 1 pm today, got my voice back, but still feeling and looking really bad. M had to go to the VA to pick up medical records for his pay when he is out for surgery. He has to be at the armory tomorrow so it was just easy for him to get them today to turn in tomorrow while he is there. We had told the place we live about a leak in the closet where the hot water heater is about a couple of weeks ago and no one showed up to look at it. We think it is coming from upstairs, but is dripping into our apartment.

Well, M took some pictures with his phone today and took them to the office. In about 5 minutes, (before he could even text me that they were actually coming) 2 maintenance guys showed up at the door. I am pretty sure that I scared them! I am pretty sure I even saw one visibly flinch! LOL. I wish I felt bad about that, but honestly I do not I am not feeling well and pregnant and not to mention I have an almost two year old to deal with while feeling this way! Sorry, but this is what REAL parenting and pregnancy looks like!

On another note, I finally have a firm date on when M’s parents will be here and we are all excited! We will be getting married on either October 15th or 16th depending.. I can not wait! M’s surgery is on September 14th so prayers and good thoughts are appreciated, he is having his ACL repaired finally!!

Lots going on in the next few months!! Oh man, I am tired… Wishing Jeff would go lay down for a nap, but it is almost 5pm, so probably not. Sad smile 

Gonna run…


Army Updates and Another QVC Request

Daniel Mancini

Daniel Mancini

Okay people, my friend Daniel Mancini is on QVC again on Tuesday at 4pm! His last appearance was such a success that they asked him back! He was so thrilled and shocked that his product sold out. Thank you to those who watched and ordered! I am so proud of him and his success! So, I am asking you to watch again and order more! Again the Facebook page can be found here. And the website here . You can also find him on Twitter here and Pinterest here . Let’s make him wildly successful on QVC please!!! 

Okay on to the Army updates, we are done with the MED board for M, they are recommending that he has surgery for his torn ACL that happened way back in 2003 on Active Duty. FINALLY! Someone with some common sense has spoken and since he was the head doctor at the place where all this was happening, they listened! So, now we have to get M back to the VA and a conversation with the surgeon and then find a date for surgery. He will be able to get incapacitated pay at first then when that runs out, his unit can put him on orders to work at the Armory. So, we will be able to pay bills and rent! So yay! This is all great news and M goes to the Armory on Tuesday to start the paperwork on all this stuff. A huge load off my mind!!! 

Okay need to run, please remember to watch QVC on Tuesday at 4pm!!!