We Need a New Computer… Badly

I know what you are thinking, aren’t you using a computer right now? Yes, I am using M’s computer at the moment because mine is being used as a DVD player for Jeff at the moment. (honestly it is about the only thing it is good for anymore maybe besides email and possibly surfing FB but not playing any of the games) My computer is the only working one with a DVD player on it and most of the time it barely works right. At the moment we do not have cable TV nor do we want it. It is so expensive for what little programming you get. Eventually we are going to do Netflix and Hulu Plus for our TV needs, but right now even that is too expensive for us.

Honestly I do not mind going to CBS.com and ABC.com and streaming the shows we missed during the week for free. We ¬†usually do this on M’s days off so we can watch together. The problem is that it is coming up rapidly on season finales. So then the question becomes what will we watch during the summer. Ugh.

We occasionally do Red Box movies because there is one across the street at the Kroger. It is nice and I got to see the newest Night at the Museum movie which I loved! But again most of the time we do not have the extra cash for that. Right now we are in the situation where we have enough for all the bills, rent and some food. No, we do not get help from the state except for medical for me and Jeff. Apparently we do not qualify. We do get WIC for Jeff now too, which is a help because that boy loves his milk! But no food stamps because M makes too much money.

So sometimes we have to choose to be late with a bill or have food in the house. It sucks. I can not even explain how much that sucks. We moved in March to a new place and we are saving about $20 in rent and water from the one bedroom we were living in. We upgraded to a 2 bedroom 1 bath and are saving some money, I love it when that happens! I use coupons for most things or buy store brands or even off brands. I use Ebates when I have to get diapers or wipes from Dnetiapers.com. They offer e coupons and other discounts and I can usually get bigger boxes than what are found in stores so I can go longer between orders, which helps out a lot too. Normally my ebates is about 2% cash back on what I spend there, it may not seem like a lot, but when every penny counts, it helps believe me! Our internet is about $65 a month but that includes a phone in the house. When we had cable and internet it was almost $200 a month and that was for basic cable!

It is not easy most months because the last 2-3 paychecks have to go to rent, so I have to make sure we have enough food in the house until the next payday. Sometimes I do pretty well and others I fail badly and we have to ask for help from family.

Last month I made a couple of mistakes that led to us not having enough food. When I paid the electric bill, I did not look and I ended up paying $217.00 instead of $117.00 ( we moved so new service includes a deposit) and I did not keep an eye on the wipe situation so we ran out and had to buy more in a week we needed to save a pay check for rent. Sigh. M’s family has been wonderful and helped us so much since Jeff’s birth. We are so lucky to have them!

This month is going a lot better. The bills that needed to be paid this week are paid, diapers were bought. We are on track. Not to mention that M has Drill this month with National Guard, so that will be a little bit of extra income in time for rent. Also, since he is going through a Med board, he gets paid for those days he has doctor appointments for that too. So since he had 2 days of that this month, that will come in handy as well!

M has a cell phone, but it is a 90’s flip phone and his monthly cell bill is $27 and some change after taxes and such. We use Net10. I would love to have a Galaxy 5 or whatever, but we can not afford it. We do not have a car, we ride the bus most places we need to go. If there is no bus line near by then we have to break down and take a cab. Which kills us. Seriously. It is hard to live like this, but we have to. I have had relationships where we have had everything we needed, but honestly I was not with the right person. I am with the right person now and maybe we do not have all the comforts of everyone else, we are strong together and we have a wonderful son. I am lucky no matter how you look at it.

But back to the computer. M and I share one computer. It is hard. We both would love to play WoW together again one day, but right now, Blizzard gives you a starter account for free, it is limited in what you can do with it, but it fills my addiction until we can afford to reactivate our regular accounts. The best thing of all is it is FREE.

I have a roof over my head, my loved ones with me, food in the freezer. I am blessed beyond belief. I was homeless once. I would not like to do that again. Especially with a child in tow. So, for now we make sacrifices on the things we want for the things we actually need. It is called being an adult, yeah it sucks.