Names and Other Stuff

Okay, yesterday was a super long day for us all here! Today was spent mostly recovering for me. My body has issues when I have long days away from home, especially lately! So, my first ultrasound is June 15th and I go back to the doctor on the 29th. The weather here today was kinda sucky to be honest and part of the reason for the migraine from hell. I think that the sugar test I was subjected to yesterday is also partially to blame as well. Ugh. Anyway, now that it is over, I am glad to have it done with! I got all my meds with the exception of my prenatal vitamins, which I will get later this week. 

So on to the names we have discussed. If it is a boy we are thinking Noah Todd. Todd is after M’s brother. If it is a girl, Charlotte Elizabeth. Yep, I totally ripped Kate Middleton off on that one and honestly I am not sorry one bit! LOL. 

We called M’s mom last night to be sure she knew before someone from Facebook called her to tell her about our news! She was thrilled so that made life so much easier! Right now life is good for us here. Now of course I will be on a first name basis with the pharmacy and all, but hey, I needed new friends, right?LOL. 

Since mostly family reads this I will say there are registries for the new baby set up. I will post the links in a future entry so that family not on Facebook can if they choose to do so send the new baby something. 

Okay seeing as how we are having chicken quesadillas for dinner, YUM. I need to run!!


Mostly family reads this, so I will say there are registries set up at Target, Walmart, and Amazon,co