News and Other News

Last night or even yesterday, I totally failed. I forgot to take out the pork chops from the freezer for dinner. I swear the baby is just sucking all my brain cells right out of my head day after day! So, instead we had Chinese for dinner, which I love! I always get Jeff their chicken fingers appetizer and honestly it is like a couple of meals for him. He tried fried rice for the first time and absolutely loved it! The baby even liked it because I got to eat a full dinner. Although I did not finish it.

I got myself chicken and green beans, a pint of won ton soup, and fried dumplings. The fried dumplings are my favorite actually! I try to get them all the time when I can. I ate those first, LOL. I have the soup and the rest of my dinner left today for lunch. Jeff has a lot of chicken left for his lunch, so we are good to go for today.

The issue is that I woke up at 5:30 am with heartburn. Again. Ugh. I took some antacid and I am waiting for it to work. Which it seems to be taking it’s sweet time. I have a doctor appointment on Monday, they will do another sugar test on me to see if I am diabetic. Ugh. I hate those! I get horrible headaches after this test because they are dumping a whole lot of sugar into my system at once. Then, I have to sit there for an hour and wait, then they take my blood. Ugh.

Normally I would only have to do this one time, but because I am 40, it is a whole different set of rules. Don’t get me wrong, I know they are being cautious, but this really puts a lot of stress on me because I get the migraine from hell and in relation, puts a ton of stress on the baby too. So, I will take my migraine meds with me to take afterwards and M said he will get me some real food to eat after the test which will help counter all the sugar that will be in my system.

M’s parents are renting a house not far from us while they are here. They will be here for about a week and will leave after my birthday. I am looking forward to their visit and Jeff meeting them for the first time!

So, M has a 3 day drill coming up in September, but is not sure if he has to go. They will be back the day before his knee surgery and honestly I do not want him to go because they will be in the field and there is such a high risk that he will hurt his knee even more than it already is. If that happens, all the higher ups in the unit would be in trouble for letting him go. So, on Tuesday he has to talk to them and see what they want him to do. It seems kind of crazy to me that Tuesday is already September 1st! Holy cow!

Of course we are waiting on Amazon to get their butts in gear and fill out the paperwork for M’s leave and pay while he is out for surgery. Sigh. If this is not done in time, he will have to put the surgery off I fear. So,it is a waiting game and I am not good at that game when the deadline is so close!

I think I am going to go back and lay down some more.