Busy Bees and Doctor Appointments as Far as the Eye Can See!

The last couple of week have been crazy busy! The in-laws just left this past Friday and it was nice to have them around! We were so busy, me mostly with doctor’s appointments and such. I will get to all those in a few minutes, first I want to tell you that yes, M and I did get married but it was not until October 19th, which is the day before my birthday. I ended up in the hospital until 10 pm that night. Luckily my wonderful brother-in-law had Jeff here at the house because he had to bring his beautiful black lab with him, so instead of him staying where the in-laws were and there was a no pet policy, he stayed with us instead. It was great to get to know him and he got to know Jeff and hang out with us. Jeff also got to know his dog which did not at first go smoothly because Jeff was scared of him. Not because he was mean or anything, actually he is the most well behaved dog I have ever met. Mainly because when Malachi was standing on all four paws he was bigger than Jeff. But by the time they were leaving Jeff was petting him and giving him treats! Now I have to get Jeff to stop throwing food on the floor because the dog is gone! LOL

Back to us getting married, we got married in the main branch of the library here, which has an art gallery. It was the perfect place actually. Mainly because I am a book person and the gallery had all this interesting art. It was a nice ceremony with just family there. When the in-laws get back to California, I will be able to post pictures. They did not bring USB cords for the camera or phones, so the wedding pictures are trapped in those devices until they get back. 

So, as I mentioned on the wedding day I had to go to the hospital. I actually had two doctor appointments that day and we got married in the middle of them. It was a crazy busy day! My second appointment, they took my blood pressure and it was 141/94 according to the machine, which is super high! They retook it and it did not come down, but I always seem to have issues with their blood pressure machine in the office anyway. So, the doctor was throwing the word pre-eclampsia around and wanted me to go to the maternity triage at the hospital for more monitoring, so I did. Mind  you, I was supposed to go out to dinner with my in-laws to celebrate getting married! We never made it that night because I was hooked up to monitors and such for four hours! 

The reason I think that the blood pressure machine is wrong at he doctor’s office is because I was at the hospital and had my blood pressure taken again in less than an hour and it had dropped over 20 points. Apparently they are still talking pre-eclampsia because of some things in my tests I did at the hospital came back high. I have since had my blood pressure checked at a new place yesterday and it was fine, which is a relief! 

So, now I have to do NST’s (Non Stress Tests) for the baby twice a week.  Mondays and Thursdays. Ugh. Not to mention I have a hematology appointment in November, as well as another doctor appointment on the 2nd. I am tired of spending all my time with doctors! LOL. 

So if you do not hear from me, that is where I am at, probably tied to some machine some place wishing I was anywhere but there. I am happy that everyone is taking the baby’s health and my health seriously, but oh man I am tired! Well, this is all I have for now..