Pain and Other Stuff Happening

Newest pic of Jeff

Newest pic of Jeff

We have been rather busy around here as of late! Okay, so I already mentioned the last doctor appointment in my last entry. Since then, I have added a dentist appointment on the 27th of July. So the week after my ultrasound. I am happy with that because I have been needing to see a dentist for a while and now I get to. 

I have been having what is called round ligament pain. It is where the uterus and everything is stretching out to get into place for the new baby. It has been really painful this time around and has been really hampering my ability to get things done. According to the doctor that is the pain I have when I am walking. ugh. I am hoping that will end soon because honestly I am over it! 

Our new bed is being delivered today! We are totally thrilled, let me tell you! M had to work mandatory overtime today because Amazon is having a Prime Day. Basically they are saying if you are a Prime member, there are all kinds of great deals today! Supposed to be better than Black Friday! 

Jeff is showing us his mad problem solving skills as of late! Such a smart kid it is rather scary! The weather here is nasty today with pretty bad storms moving through already. Had some bad ones yesterday and the day before as well. Flash flood warnings and watches in effect now too.. 

I changed Jeff’s doctor to the place where I am going this last week. His old doctor was about 1/2 mile from the bus stop and right now that is not doable for me at all. So the place I go does pediatrics and they are right across the street from the bus stop, so that works out better for us now. As soon as I get his new cards, I will be making an appointment for him. 

I am tired so I am going to try and rest while there is a break in the storms.. Jeff is finally back to sleep.