An Experiment of Sorts

This past weekend, Friday through Sunday my house was a lab of sorts. See, M had a 3 day Drill and while I hate these because it is usually hard on Jeff and then on me, I was not looking forward to this one bit. Then I started to think of it as an experiment of sorts. They hypothesis was that Charlotte would sleep through the night for me and that Jeff would be okay with dad gone 3 days and 2 nights.

The experiments went like this: Friday was like any other day, we got up and did the things we normally do. Had lunch and so far everything was going well. The real test would be Friday night when Jeff realized that dad was not going to be home. We ate dinner at the normal time, and while Jeff was wondering where dad was, he was not  upset. We ate dinner without incident and hung out in the dining/living room until about 8:30pm. I then brought everyone into the bedroom with me. Changed diapers and generally got ready to wind down for the night. So far, so good. No fits, no tears. Charlotte dozed on and off on the bed with me and after her bottle at 11pm she was hopefully down for the count. I moved her to her bed at midnight and did not hear from her until almost 9 am the next morning. Jeff also went to bed about 10:30ish and slept through the night. One night down one more to go. Let me say that we had minor issues with Jeff on Friday but normal stuff..

Saturday started like normal. Woke up fed Charlotte, changed her. Changed Jeff got us breakfast. Began the day. Charlotte took her morning nap, so Jeff and I had lunch about 11:30ish. So far no fits out of him that dad is not here, things are looking good. The day went as mostly planned. We  had dinner a little early at 6:15ish that night. Again we hung out in the living/dining room until about 8:30ish. Again, I moved them into the bed room and we started to settle down for the night. Diaper changes, drinks, some TV. Charlotte had her last bottle about 11ish and crashed on the bed with us. Jeff was out just before that. At 12:30 AM I went and took a 1/2 hour bath to unwind a little bit. No one woke up. When I got out at 1ish I moved Charlotte to her bed and she slept through the night, waking up Sunday morning about 9ish.

Sunday is where things fell apart somewhat for Jeff. Not that he was upset that dad still was not here, he just had a bad day. He was into everything.. M got home 5ish Sunday evening. Since then Charlotte has not slept through the night.

My conclusion is this: M has a funky energy that he brings into the house. I am not sure what exactly it is. Charlotte feels it most. I have spoken to him about this. I have no idea what to do about it. I am pretty confident that next month’s 3 day drill will go pretty smooth for us here…