Somethings and Nothing…

Sometimes, I have a hard time coming up with a title. Just in case you did not notice. I took a few days off from blogging because I really did not have much to say exactly. While I was gone, I was given an award for my blog here. You have no idea how cool this is for me, mainly because this blog started out as a general place for family far flung to come and get information and updates but has since gained a few people who are not related to us reading and liking posts. So, first let me get to my entry then I will handle the award.

Yesterday we went to Social Security. I called on Monday because I was truly hoping that I could make an appointment and get in and get out. No such luck. So I sucked it up and got on the bus yesterday with both Jeff and M and we went. The hardest part of the trip is actually getting to the bus stop by my house.

If you ever want to see the face of humanity got to a government office where you have to sit and wait for something. I kid you not. There were ALL kinds of people there. There was an older guy who rode the bus with us, I saw him when he got on but M did not. It was not until we were seated that M saw this guy’s face and looked at me. He was in his 50’s and had pierced his face multiple times ( maybe like 10-12). I had never really seen anyone with their face pierced like that before in person, I had seen photos, I was left wondering why an adult would do something like that. He also had tattoos on his skull and arms. He seemed to be a nice guy, just a chattering on with a woman he was with on the bus and then there. I got the feeling they were friends or neighbors, but newly so.

We had to wait about an hour before we were called (by number) to a window and honestly it was none too soon. There was a couple who sat down in front of us and she was like my age (40ish) and proceeded to kind of make out with each other. Ugh.

I did get what we came for, but they no longer print the SS numbers out as a temporary thing, they stopped that in August of this year. Sigh. I was hoping I would have walked out with his number in hand so I could finish M’s taxes and get him registered with the VA and all. We have to wait another 7-10 days, which is not horrible, but not what I wanted to happen either.

Okay on the award. This is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. I got this from my friend over at Holes in my Socks. Thanks so much!

Okay in accepting  this, I have to tell you  five random things about myself and nominate others. I hate nominating because I feel bad that I can not nominate everyone! LOL. So, on with 5 random things..

1. I am a World of Warcraft (WoW)  junkie because of my husband, M.

2. I cut my own hair randomly during the year.

3. I love eating chips on my PB&J.

4. I love to cook good old Southern food.

5. Even though I love to cook, I do not really love to bake. I will if I have to or I am craving something.

Okay now to nominate:


Congrats to all!