The Misfit Military Wife & Mother

Murphy’s Law says that what ever can go wrong WILL go wrong and let me tell you, this is the definition of my life the last week! M left for the summer Drill A.K.A as AT (Annual Training) and all hell broke loose, literally! Let me see, the A/C quit working, the water pressure died, the people who came to “fix” my bathroom floor did not show up until 5pm and then ripped out said bathroom flooring and put new, different flooring down. The notice I got pretty much said they are coming to fix the floor, make sure to crate your animals, yadda, yadda, yadda… Oh yeah and then in the middle of the night one of the closet doors where the washer and dryer are fell! Let me tell you that scared the bejezus right out of me!

Not to mention that , my oldest Jeff woke up sick today. He has thrown up twice and for a kid who never has been sick in his whole history he freaked out! So, dealing with normal things, Charlotte, a sick kid, trying to get the laundry started at least, trying to get the trash out (which in our dumpster should be an Olympic Sport for me!) I am also trying to keep my sanity because it is just me dealing with all this until a week from today!

Not only that, I am trying to figure out how I am going to have an amazing dinner for M when he gets home after having to eat Army food for two weeks! I have my plate so full it runith over!! I have not been sleeping well because Charlotte wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes, so I do not let myself hit deep restful sleep right now.

Oh the toast just popped I have to run!


Oh Man Am I Tired!

Charlotte Swing First TimeI am so exhausted that honestly most days I have no idea what day it is or even who I am. At least until Jeff yells at me, but even then he does not say momma. LOL. Charlotte is doing well, gaining weight so now we do not have to go back to the doctor with her until January when she is 2 month old. We switched her formula to soy because she was very fussy and gassy. It seems to have helped some, but she is still very gassy and fussy sometimes, but it has not even been a whole week on the new formula, so I am hoping that things get better.

M is doing so well with physical therapy, they said he might be running by March again. I am so thrilled because that has been his serious goal. Once he starts running again he can get into shape again and pass a PT test for the Army he can pick up his 5 and then we can assess what will be next for us. He truly wants to go back to active duty and I am totally behind him on that. Once he has his 5 he only has to be in that rank until he can possibly pick up his 6.

So hopefully some good things coming in 2016, we could sure use them!! Jeff is really loving towards his sister and loves to kiss her. In fact, it is hard to get him to keep his hands off her when she is trying to sleep! He is helpful to me by putting the lid on the bottle and taking it off too when I need it.

Today Charlotte is in her swing for the first time. Not sure she totally likes it, but it gives my arms and back a break from holding her. I celebrated by taking a picture of course. I will post it here when I am done.

Well, my mind just went blank, so I will go… cause I can not remember what I wanted to say. Seems like normal for me right now.


It’s Been Crazy Here

I am sorry for not keeping everyone updated, it has been kinda crazy the last few days. I went on Monday and sat with Charlotte for over an hour and fed her. It as nice to hold her again. She was off lights at that point, so that was good. Then her numbers spiked again and they moved her to the nursery. Well, techincally they moved her first then the numbers spiked. She was back up to 15 this morning but she is back down to 13 again tonight when I called. I am going to see her tomorrow and speak to the doctors because I have a lot of questions. 

We are of course worried about her and I was hoping to have her home this week but that looks like it is not going to happen. She is eating well and having lots of diapers, so that is good, I am worried about all the spikes and the effect it is having on her body. I also am wondering why this is happening most of all. I also am wondering what this is doing to her liver too. Like I said lots of questions. 

I have the best in-laws on the planet, they helped us out with rent.. so that is one less major thing on my mind and we will get some money today or tomorrow to pay the other bills that are due. We have food, so that is not an issue at this point. The WIC appointment to get Charlotte is on that is on the 8th so I am trying to get stuff in case she comes home before that so we can feed her. I am lucky and I have great friends, a friend of mine got me some diapers and an outfit and also shipped a box to me on Monday with other stuff for her. My MIL got her a bunch of clothes as well and other stuff. Right now, the immediate need is bottles and formula. 

Jeff is doing well, he is starting to actually call family members on the phone. LOL. I guess I am glad it is family and not some random person somewhere, although I am afraid that is next with the way he loves to push buttons. He is running all over the place and learned how to open a zip lock bag in the last few days. Now nothing is safe! 

M is doing well, he started physical therapy and the physical therapist was impressed with what he has done on his own. He is working hard as usual and is happy with his own progress. I am just glad he finally is in physical therapy and able to ork on gettng his balace and stability back. 

That is about all that has been going on for now.. 



You know that lately I have been not able to eat much, well, it has caught up with me. There have been times, few and far between where I could eat an entire meal over the last month or so. This morning I woke up with no voice and feeling like garbage.. Actually, I am pretty sure garbage felt better than I did. Originally I had a dentist appointment today but I had to have M call and cancel it because of the no voice thing.

Fast forward to about 1 pm today, got my voice back, but still feeling and looking really bad. M had to go to the VA to pick up medical records for his pay when he is out for surgery. He has to be at the armory tomorrow so it was just easy for him to get them today to turn in tomorrow while he is there. We had told the place we live about a leak in the closet where the hot water heater is about a couple of weeks ago and no one showed up to look at it. We think it is coming from upstairs, but is dripping into our apartment.

Well, M took some pictures with his phone today and took them to the office. In about 5 minutes, (before he could even text me that they were actually coming) 2 maintenance guys showed up at the door. I am pretty sure that I scared them! I am pretty sure I even saw one visibly flinch! LOL. I wish I felt bad about that, but honestly I do not I am not feeling well and pregnant and not to mention I have an almost two year old to deal with while feeling this way! Sorry, but this is what REAL parenting and pregnancy looks like!

On another note, I finally have a firm date on when M’s parents will be here and we are all excited! We will be getting married on either October 15th or 16th depending.. I can not wait! M’s surgery is on September 14th so prayers and good thoughts are appreciated, he is having his ACL repaired finally!!

Lots going on in the next few months!! Oh man, I am tired… Wishing Jeff would go lay down for a nap, but it is almost 5pm, so probably not. Sad smile 

Gonna run…


Turned A Corner

As you all know I have been dealing with a mystery fever with Jeff for the last couple of days. Ugh! Yesterday was horrendous for us. He was fussy all night long and did not fall asleep until between 1-2 am then was up at 4:30am to see dad. So that meant that I had to be up too because M is getting ready for work and can not keep an eye on Jeff all the time and to add misery Jeff was not feeling well and wanted to be held and was whining. I got up and had a migraine because of lack of sleep. Jeff was up until about this time yesterday morning because I could not get him back to sleep. Finally he crashed out on me and then I crashed out. 

I hate when my kid is sick. I feel bad because I can only do so much. Well, there were no other symptoms what so ever. No runny nose, no cough, no nothing to give me any clue as to what was going on and just like that yesterday the fever was gone and last night he was back to himself again! I am of course keeping a close eye on him today to make sure we do not have a repeat, but when he went to sleep last night he was normal temperature and he is fine this morning. (I just checked to be sure! 🙂 ) 

We did have mayo chicken last night and I will get around to actually posting the recipe in the food blog soon. I know it sounds gross. I am not a huge fan of mayo at all. On certain things, sure but on chicken?! It is so good! I took a recipe from Hellman’s and changed it. Okay turned it upside down and in side out and made it mine. Oh man am I starving now! I usually skip breakfast because Jeff and I sometimes do not wake up until 10 am and then by the time the brain has engaged and I am functional, it is like lunch time. I am trying to make more of an effort to eat breakfast lately. M got me some bagels, which I love! When Jeff is sleeping I have time to make something to eat, but if he is awake, I have enough time to throw a bagel in the toaster, get his bottle and slap some butter or peanut butter on the bagel and get back to him before he starts crying!

If he is sleeping I can make eggs and a bagel. Depending on what I want. I am still recovering from yesterday. I had a horrible migraine and it stormed to top it off. ugh. I think while he is sleeping right now I am going to go grab something to eat!