California and Illness

We have been doing really well in California. M has not found a job just yet, but we have applied and been approved for everything we can get. Both kids have been to the doctor and we are in the midst of getting referrals sorted and appointments made. Jeff has an appointment for a hearing test and for his ABA therapy. Charlotte was just seen this past Monday and we have referrals going out to all the various doctors we had in Kentucky and adding an eye doctor because she has a lazy eye now and a dentist. Ugh. Poor girl can not catch a break. They also talked about getting an ultrasound done on her spleen so we have a baseline of what it is supposed to look like. She also needs baseline blood work done, hopefully, we can get that done next week sometime.

I also have been to the doctor, yesterday actually. I have a mammogram scheduled, a hearing test to be scheduled for me, and all-encompassing blood work for me too. We have been sick for the last week or so and it hit us ALL pretty hard. I got a library card for myself and when we go back I am getting one for Jeff as well. He wants his own, so I am making a pretty big deal out of it! They both are signed up for the summer reading program here. They both have already won a book or board book of their choice, a pizza coupon, and a toy. So they are doing really well. It helps me too because now I am more conscious of reading to them. They love logging the books and seeing the points go up!

I am so tired right now, I just wanted you all to know we have not fallen off the face of the Earth!



We are all sick (except M, he has an amazing immune system). He took Charlotte to the ER last night about 11:30 pm and they admitted her to the Children’s Hospital after doing 2 breathing treatments and she was not better. She had 2 before that at home, so the total was up to 4. They put her on oxygen. I stayed home with our son because well, we are sick too and honestly I did not want to spread this any more than we had to. This morning I made calls to our appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday to cancel. M just called a bit ago and once the attending doctor comes in and looks at Charlotte they will possibly take her off the oxygen and then the timer is on, with watching her be sure her oxygen levels are stable. They want to watch her for 12-24 hours then they will release her. Hopefully, by tomorrow or Wednesday, she will be home. This has been super hard on us of course. Jeff is not taking this lightly. He was recently diagnosed as mild/moderate autistic. So, I am working on some things for him. Not a great time to be sick! Gotta run! 



We have officially moved. If you do not follow me on Facebook, then you most likely did not know. We moved into a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse. It was not what we were looking for, but it was in a way perfect. The stairs might kill me in the end, but it is a great exercise I guess. We do have baby gates, three in fact. One at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom of the stairs and one to keep the munchkins out of the kitchen. Our new stove is gas, so the knobs for the stove are within Jeff’s reach, a definite no-no. Speaking of Jeff he will be three later this month! I can not believe that!! 

He is doing really wonderful in speech and is now saying momma consistently, which thrills this momma to no end! We are working on other words many times a week and he is learning at a fast pace! He has an occupational therapy eval coming up soon, so I am sure that will help too. He is not really doing well with all the changes that have happened as of late. Moving and new house. It has been rough on all of us especially him. 

Charlotte is doing fantastic too! She is learning to come down the stairs in a safe way. She has no issues getting up, but getting down is a problem for her. She has started using a fork sometimes. She has trouble but is getting the hang of it. 

M lost his job this past Wednesday. It has been hard on us having just moved and all, but we are surviving. He has applied for unemployment already and put some resumes in for a few jobs already. The story behind the termination is a stupid one, but for right now I can not get into that. 

We still need a few things for the house, like a storage thing for the kitchen for extra can goods and pans. I have a solution until we can find something that I like and we can afford. It will not be perfect but should help some. Another thing we need is a table to eat at. right now we are all sitting in the living room on the floor. I do have our first real adult dresser coming from Ikea, which we bought before the job thing. We got the kids their own beds, which are in the process of being put together. 

I have started a new business. I am now selling Pampered Chef. Which I love! The Facebook business page is here. My Pampered Chef website is here. I am doing my launch party now, so if you or anyone you know needs anything, let me know! Well, I am gonna go, so much to do today! 


A Whirlwind!

It occurs to me that I have not done an entry here since the beginning of November! A lot has happened since that time! Not sure where exactly to begin because honestly, I would be here typing all night! LOL. So, Charlotte turned 1 on Black Friday! She is doing really good right now. I mentioned the big hearing test coming up and guess what?!?! SHE PASSED IT ON BOTH SIDES!! She is hearing on her left side perfectly now and has absolutely no need for the hearing aid! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes, it totally worked! 

As for her blood doctor, we are now six months out for those appointments, she had the most recent one on December 2nd and it is in fact, confirmed that she is making red blood cells on her own! YAY! She is continuing with physical therapy and is crawling on all fours consistently now, so we are working on the walking part now. I am so excited for her! She has also started speech and occupational therapy as well this month. She is doing well in both of those. We are teaching her to sign in speech so that her needs get met and I know what she needs instead of guessing. 

Jeff also had his speech evaluation and we are progressing with a combination of sign language and pictures to communicate with him. In the new year, I will be making an appointment with his pediatrician to find out how to get him tested for Autism. Once we know what we are up against, we can make plans and move forward. 

M got hurt at work on the same knee he had surgery on last year. It seems that we are destined to be in fire mode! He is fine and they sent him back to work this past Wednesday. He was out of work for a couple of weeks and it was very stressful for us and especially when it is near Christmas! Christmas will be pretty lean this year but our family has helped out and the kids will have a few things to open, so that is good! A church here in town brought us all we need for Christmas Dinner and breakfast too! Which was a major blessing! I have not been sleeping well because we are back on M’s work schedule and he is working 60 hours a week and is gone before 6:30 am in the mornings, which is hard on me because Jeff lately has been not going to bed until midnight or 1 am. Not sure what is going on with him, hoping it stops soon! 

Well, I think that is all I have right now! If I do not get back here before Christmas, have a Merry Christmas! (if you celebrate) if you do not, Happy Holidays! 


Freedom’s Child- A Book Review

I really tried to read Freedom’s Child, however, I was unable to honestly get past chapter 2. The story just did not draw me in like I was hoping it would. I had read other reviews of this book and I noticed that other people were having the same issue, but I was hoping that I could be the exception. unfortunately I was not. The story was so slow and I had a hard time staying with the story.

Uber Crazy

Life in the house has definitely been chaotic to say the very least! Charlotte has been uber fussy and gassy and we are still battling to get her to sleep some what well. It is hard because M is up with her at night so I can try and sleep, but Jeff likes to flop around and I worry about him falling out of bed, so I am not sleeping well because I am constantly waking up to make sure he is still on the bed. 

We have tried soy formula and honestly I did not see much difference at all. She turned one month old on Christmas day. I can not believe where the month went! Seriously! Christmas actually turned out pretty good for us, even though I was not sure it would. M’s National Guard unit got the kids a couple of outfits each and toys, with Jeff getting the majority of the toys because honestly the newborn does not need toys yet. Although she did get a Elmo rattle and a cute soft doll. They also got us a $50 gift card to Kroger, so we did beef ravioli, garlic bread, and salad for Christmas dinner and it was good! M’s mom did leave us Christmas presents when they were here in October, which was nice. 

I have literally had a migraine for a month. I have a doctor appointment on the 4th and I need to discuss the possibility of getting to see a specialist for my headaches, also a new medicine. I did get a new pill when I was there last time and it did work but about 30 minutes later I had another rebound headache. *head slap* I need a med that will not do that and also will not make me drowsy because then when M goes back to work, I can not take that if I have a migraine. The frequency has gotten out of hand. The other day I had a severe one, complete with nausea, light, sound, smell sensitivity, auras, the whole shebang. It was horrible. Of course the kids do not understand and they want to have attention but I was a mess, so M tried to take care of them both for me so I could lay down and try to get the migraine to ease some. Did not really work sadly. 

We are all so tired. Seriously. I spend my days trying to stay awake and not yawn every five minutes, which I am totally failing at by the way. I am planning on making buffalo chicken dip for New Years, which means I have to brave the stores either tonight or tomorrow. Yeah, so not looking forward to that. We were thinking of picking up dinner from someplace and bringing it home. Renting a couple of movies from Red Box and staying home. I know, sounds like a roaring good time, right? I just think that it is too crazy out on the roads with everyone basically bar hopping it is safer to stay home with the kids. Not to mention I do not have a baby sitter anyway. 

One thing that happened that is slightly disconcerting is that my feet and legs have swollen up. Not sure why, when I got up this morning they were almost back to normal, but now it feels like they are swelling again. Ugh. I am sitting with them up as I type this, so there is that. I made a video of Charlotte for the grandparents before Christmas. I will add it here so you all can see it too. Speaking of Charlie, I hear her squirming around, so I need to run!