We are all sick (except M, he has an amazing immune system). He took Charlotte to the ER last night about 11:30 pm and they admitted her to the Children’s Hospital after doing 2 breathing treatments and she was not better. She had 2 before that at home, so the total was up to 4. They put her on oxygen. I stayed home with our son because well, we are sick too and honestly I did not want to spread this any more than we had to. This morning I made calls to our appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday to cancel. M just called a bit ago and once the attending doctor comes in and looks at Charlotte they will possibly take her off the oxygen and then the timer is on, with watching her be sure her oxygen levels are stable. They want to watch her for 12-24 hours then they will release her. Hopefully, by tomorrow or Wednesday, she will be home. This has been super hard on us of course. Jeff is not taking this lightly. He was recently diagnosed as mild/moderate autistic. So, I am working on some things for him. Not a great time to be sick! Gotta run! 


Charlotte Update

Yesterday they had taken Charlotte off the lights because her bilirubin number was down to 13, which was wonderful news. They were expecting a rebound in that number after that because without the lights the bilirubin builds back up. She rebounded to 13.4 last night. Which was not bad and she was still under 14.

This morning when we called to check on her, her bilirubin number was back up to 19, which is not good. She is back under lights again. She is eating well and having full diapers, which is a good sign because she is getting the bilirubin out of her body. But the large jump in number has me a bit worried. I have to go take care of some things, I will keep you all updated as I know more.


Headbutting and More

I am so not motivated what so ever today. I did not sleep well. So, I finally got my son’s social security number in the mail and finished M’s taxes. When I was finished, Turbo Tax actually suggested that we apply for food stamps. I was like, well okay. So I did. Kentucky has an online application which they have had but it never worked quite right  at all. So I was left printing out a paper application and mailing it before. They apparently fixed what ever issues were wrong with the online application. I filled it out. Yesterday a very nice lady called me from the food stamp office to do the interview over the phone. She is sending me some paperwork to fill out to verify some things and then we send it back and wait. 

The waiting is what kills me. They have 30 days to decide our fate. I hate waiting. If we get the help we so desperately need it will be a Godsend really. Let me illustrate: M got paid on last Thursday. After paying the bills that were due, we had enough for $100 in groceries. Then M realized his bus pass was about to expire in 3 days, so that is $30. So that left us with $70 for groceries for 2 weeks. Two weeks because all of the next 2 paychecks have to go to rent. Which is due on the 1st. 

So, after revinsing my list yet again to fit in the new amount we could spend, we still could not get somethings on the list that are kinda of important, like toilet paper. So, you see there is a real need here for help. In the past we were always told that M makes too much, hopefully with Jeff now eating regular food that will change. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Jeff has taken to headbutting me when I tell him no. Sigh. I am not sure how to deal with this latest issue. I tell him no, but you know how well that works with a almost toddler. He definitely has the red headed temper! The weather here has been icky. I feel storms coming in, the pressure changes and I get headaches. Jeff also is sensitive to this, so of course he is not himself today either. Sigh. I am hoping to be able to get a new bed with some of the tax money. We so desperately need it. Maybe a king size so we all have more room and I will not wake up with fat lips anymore from my wonderful son who likes to smack me in his sleep. Right now he is pitching a living fit because I asked him to not touch the lap top that I am using. Sigh. Of course with this migraine I am rocking it is not helping that he is crying. ugh. 

Well, I am going to run, I am on binkie patrol…