Our Thanksgiving yesterday was a nice quiet day. We had a good dinner and just spent the day together watching TV and playing with Jeff. I never ever go out on Black Friday it is just too crazy for me to deal with and usually I work retail at this time of year, so yeah. I am always working with the crazy people who are shopping. Ugh. So, it is three years that I have been in Kentucky today. My how time flies!

Michael went out early this morning to go to the place that was interviewing for the Amazon jobs. It is now 3pm and I have not seen him since 6am when he left. I am hoping everything is okay. Jeff finally went down for a nap and now I have a few minutes to actually eat something for the first time today and just relax for a few minutes. He wore his Thanksgiving jammies yesterday, I have not found my camera yet and I have no time left on my phone. So as soon as I can I will post a pic of him in them.

I can hardly believe that Jeff is 8 month old already! It seems like yesterday that he was just born. Time has a way of getting away from us. On another note, my RL stalker ( no joke) made a new Facebook page and tried to friend me and start a conversation the other day. I blocked him yet again. Actually I looked and it was for the 3rd time. Since it only takes about 5 minutes to get anew free email, he can literally have unlimited new facebook pages when he wants.

I have thought about ditching facebook totally, but I use it to keep in touch with people I care about and honestly I am not letting him run me off. I tell Michael when he pops up again and he just is like, seriously? No he has not gotten the hint yet. It was in the teens over night for temperature here last night and will be about 60ish tomorrow. Ugh. Horrible headaches from the crazy swing in temperatures. Wish it would make up it’s mind, warm or cool. Not both in like a day.

There is a lot going on right now. Mom Gardner, neither Mike or I can call you right now, so we have to communicate through email. Life is tough for us now, but I am hoping we can come through the tunnel soon. I am honestly tired of all the hard times and would love some easy ones for a change. So, if you could please pray for us. We desperately need them! I am going to run,need to get a couple of things finished before Jeff wakes from his nap.


Mommy Blogger?

I honestly would not consider myself a mommy blogger. Yes, I do have an infant, yes, I do blog about him, yes, I do sometimes post photos of him, and yes I do talk about him on Facebook, A LOT, but honestly I do not feel like a mommy blogger exactly.

I do this because we have family and friends scattered all over. Some in California, some in Florida, others in other places. This is to keep them updated and in the know with what is going on with us here. I have collected others along the way and I am glad that people enjoy my blog.

Looking back over this blog, I realized tonight that this is not an accurate picture of our lives here. I tend to avoid the news on a daily basis because it is horrible. We have an all weather channel that I watch for the weather reports and that suits me just fine. I do have to admit that there are days (like today) where I get so frustrated with Jeff. Then he lays his head on me when he gets tired, he gives me one of his sweet smiles, or he gives me one if his kisses and everything is all good again.

When things get too much for me, I ask Michael to watch him while I go into another room and do some things for a bit or I sit in the tub for a little bit reading. I have been pretty good about avoiding the posts on Facebook about little Scotty, until today. I can not imagine what a 3 year old boy did to anyone to be killed. I just don’t understand how a mother could let that happen.

I look at Jeff and I get so sad because I can’t imagine my life without him now. Sure right after he was born I was in shock. There is a story but it is not for public knowledge, those that matter know it. He is so amazing and yes frustrating at the same time. My heart just fills with love when I see him sleeping or playing. I can not imagine being so upset at him that I would kill him or even let another person do that.

He is growing so fast and learning so much! He now comes back to me when I call him, which is handy when he is on the bed and too close to an edge. He still has no fear and I am trying to nurture that in him as I do not want him to fear everything. He is zipping around on the floor crawling and scooting like a champ on a daily basis. He also loves my lap top and typing no matter what I am doing or trying to do. He likes to change the channel on the TV when I am in to a show and will just laugh when I say, Jeff, you changed the channel! I know he has no clue, but that smile gets me every time.

Life is not perfect. It is messy. It is hard on occasion. But my son makes it all worth it.