Worried Momma

I woke up about 4 am because I had to use the bathroom. Ugh. I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night! I was getting back in bed when my son touched me (yes, we co-sleep for now) and he was burning up! OMG. It was about time for M to start waking up so when he woke up a few minutes later to hit snooze on the alarm, I asked him to touch Jeff to be sure that it was him that was hot and not me. It was him. So, I grabbed him and was trying to get his jammies off of him without really waking him up because he was sleeping soundly. Apparently having the approximate body temperature of lava did not bother him at all, just me. 

I got him undressed, but he woke up which was fine. His whole body was burning up! So, I was letting him lay on the bed in his diaper to cool down some if he could before I would break out the water and wash cloth. He has since returned to normal temperature and is back sleeping.. So I am a happy momma now. He normally runs on the warm side like his daddy and so if he was just a little warm it would not have been such a big deal, but he was HOT and I had never felt him that hot before, so of course a good momma does, sleep be damned, I got into action.. SO I guess you could say I was a super action momma this morning! 

The one thing I hate is that waking up early and when I say early I mean with M at 4:30am, is that I am hungry! Now normally my stomach can not handle food at that time, but since I am hungry, all bets are off. Normally, I will make myself something like cheesy scrambled eggs and toast. This morning I had a bagel with PB&J on it. It really hit the spot! So, now when I am finished here, I will lay back down with Jeff and go back to sleep again. The other reason I did not have the eggs this morning is that we are out of the cheese I use for them. I could use the mild cheddar but it does not melt as nicely or get as cheesy as the Kraft singles do. Just my personal preference I guess. 

Speaking of cheesy eggs, the Waffle House has awesome cheesy eggs! I have not had them in years though! They serve it with raisin toast, which is good but I have to be in the mood for it. Sigh. I miss Waffle House. There is one not far from here, but it is difficult to get to without a car. Oh, my soon to be mother in law got Jeff this wonderful new car seat, it is a convertible one that he will have until he is 7! I am so blessed. He is almost out growing the car seat we have now, so this could not come at a better time for us! 

I am headed to lay back down.. Catch ya later!