Vindication Tastes Sweet

So, most of you know that I have been battling to get my son diagnosed properly. We had a blow to that process earlier this year, but that was trumped yesterday. I will take you behavioral psychologist and raise you a pediatric neurologist! I win! I know it seems petty, but when two (2) pediatricians with their own Autistic kids have BOTH said my son is Autistic and then this woman undoes all that with one report, it really irritated me. Especially when she notes some of his autistic behavior in said report, but no it is not Autism. It is Apraxia, something that honestly no one I have spoken to even knew about! 

Well, all this changed yesterday with our trip to San Francisco. We went to see a pediatric neurologist for Jeff because of the diagnosis of Apraxia. Which he does not have. He is Autistic and meets the requirements for being diagnosed as such. So, today with a letter from this neurologist in hand, I called the school district to get the process started. He has an appointment at 3pm there to be evaluated. 

Also, had to reschedule a WIC appointment because we were all so very ill and missed it. Which is that day but earlier. Charlotte starts her speech therapy on Monday and the Infant specialist is coming on Tuesday. Also, got her 2 years well check scheduled. Made a few other calls to get some information on help for a few things we need. Mike did well at his post office interview in West Sacremento today and now we are waiting on an email for him to get drug tested and his background check. We have to get Jeff some blood work done, some of it is genetic testing that is in depth so it will not be back for a couple of months. We are moving forward with all this stuff. Somedays I feel like I am standing in place though. I am so very tired and bone weary of most stuff going on. 

I missed counseling for 2 weeks because we were really sick and go back on Monday afternoon. I am so looking forward to that! I need to get back on schedule for my meds too because of nausea I had stopped taking them, so now it is time to start again. Right now life is busy and overwhelming. I need to run.. 


Doctors Doctors Everywhere!

Yesterday was my doctor appointment for my monthly check up to make sure everything is fine and the dreaded sugar test. I got there early like we always do when riding the bus and I sat and waited and waited and waited. My doctor was running late, which I understood so I waited patiently because honestly what good does it do for me to get upset? It just makes me and the baby out of sorts, so all the nurses were thanking me for being patient. LOL.

I had to drink 10 ounces of this glucose stuff and sit for another hour so they can take blood and if it was high then I would have to do another 3 hour test. For me, I have never had to do the 3 hour test, ever. I did not plan on having to do it this time either. LOL. Their blood pressure machine hates me. It never works right with me. So, I had to have my blood pressure taken 3 times and it was still kind of high. I told them that I was stressed about the sugar test because it always makes me feel terrible!

You can’t eat or drink anything for at least 2 hours before and of course the hour you are waiting on your blood to be taken. I stopped all eating and drinking a bit before noon and my appointment was supposed to be at 2:45 pm, but I did not get taken back until almost 3:30 pm. So yeah. I was a  hot pregnant mess after. LOL. M went to the closest gas station and got me a couple of bottles of cold water which helps right after. It flushes the sugar through the system quicker, at least in my case.

I have another appointment at the end of September, actually the same day as Jeff’s but earlier. In October I have to see an orthopedic doctor for my knee because at the beginning of August, I thought I just tweaked it a bit, but it has not gotten better, in fact it has gotten worse pain wise. So to be on the safe side, they made me an appointment to get it checked. M’s surgery is in 13 days if Amazon can get off their butts and get the paper work done.. If not and we have to reschedule, it might have to wait until after the baby is born.

Of course M has all the pre surgery appointments on September 8th and I am supposed to have my ultrasound done on the 21st too. I am thinking I might have to reschedule that because he would have just had surgery the week before that and might not be up to going anywhere or doing anything.

Oh, did I mention that I managed to schedule 2 appointments on the exact same day for the exact same time?!? Yep! I sure did! WIC and my doctor appointment yesterday. I am so glad that WIC called Friday to remind me of that appointment, so I rescheduled it for Sept. 10th. Then after I scheduled it, I got off the phone and could not remember when it was!! Baby brain strikes again!! So, I called this morning to find out and actually wrote it down this time and put it on the calendar. I also had to reschedule the ortho appointment for me because they had originally scheduled it for the day after M’s knee surgery at 8:15 AM! Are you KIDDING me?!?! Um, no.

The baby is doing well, and I have lost another 3 pounds between visits. Which honestly is a good thing. I am almost back down to the weight when I went in for the first appointment. I wish it was me doing this, but the baby sometimes, okay most of the time does not let me eat much. I think I have gotten to eat maybe 3-4 whole dinners in the month of August with out her pitching a fit! If I had been in shape and weighing what I was supposed to weigh in the beginning, this might be cause for concern, but since I started over weight, it is okay. Her heart rate was 135, which is perfect. She is the right size and all too.. so that is good news!

M’s parents will be here in October and we are excited!! Starting to count down the days! Of course I am wishing for fall weather now.. it would be nice.. but it still feels like summer here for now. Ugh. Well, I am tired and Jeff is kind of out of sorts today.. So I have to run!



A couple of days ago we had a WIC appointment. Normally those appointments are pretty straightforward and are no stress. This last one was another story however. Michael went with me for the second time and I made him my proxy so if for what ever reason I can not go, he can go in my place and do the pick up.

So the appointment was for 3pm. I did that on purpose because it is easier to get Jeff to appointments in the afternoon. Well, as it turned out we almost missed this one. Which of course causes me stress because WIC gives us formula for Jeff and it is important to get that. So, I called them to see if it could be rescheduled, but the appointments were booked solid until mid November! I could walk-in during specific hours and pick up the next three months, but honestly I did not want to do it that way because I would be sitting there for God knows how long! Not really what I want to do with my Monday. We got there with a few minutes to spare.

I knew that they would be removing me from the program because I am not breastfeeding anymore. Which is fine. Yeah, we will miss the food aspect of it for us, but they are giving us formula, cereal, and baby food fruits and veggies for Jeff. So,that is more important. I go back in January again, we go back every 3 months. I am having trouble accepting that Jeff is already 6 months old! At the end of the month we go back to the doctor for him. He gets more shots and his six month check up. He is learning and growing so much every single day.

He mimics the things I do, when I kiss his hand, he pulls my hand to his mouth. Like he is kissing it. It is so sweet. Michael has drill this weekend again. He was not happy about having back to back drill weekends, but I told him that actually it was a good thing because now he got it out of the way, the rest of the month is his. I guess he did not think about that. LOL.

Jeff should be crawling here really soon I think. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, soon he will taking off across the floor! He is already rolling over very well and extremely quickly! So much so when I have him on the bed, I have to watch him closely or he will roll right off the bed!

His personality is really coming out now as well. He has learned to scream and screech and he thinks he is the cat’s meow when he does this. He will look at us and smile as if to say isn’t that great?!?! We are trying to get him to use his ‘inside’ voice but not sure how well that is working out for us. LOL.

Well, I am going to run. I am still tired and I got him to go back to sleep. So now momma can go back to sleep too Smile