Five Weeks

Yesterday Jeff  was five weeks old! I am sorry that I don’t have a picture for this entry, but we have been busy here the last few days. I will try to get one in the next couple of days and get it posted for everyone. Jeff is starting to do better, yesterday was better than the days before it and today was even better yesterday, so we are moving in the right direction. He is currently sleeping and I have made some observations while watching him sleep. He is so Michael’s son.

He moves his arms around in his sleep like Michael does. It is so cute. Tonight he made a funny noise with his nose when I was laying him down after he fell asleep on my chest. I looked at Michael and said, Oh my God, he is so your son. Michael just laughed really hard and said Yep!

Life is still difficult for us, but worth it for Jeff. We are still waiting to hear from the Food Stamp people and hoping that it is really soon. When Jeff goes back to the doctor at the end of May, we have to get an ultrasound set up for his hips. Because he was breach birth, they just want to be sure that as he grows everything is okay with his hips. It is not a big deal. The weather has been causing me to have some horrible migraines. I need to talk to my doctor about these and see if I can get some medication that will not make me sleepy while I am trying to take care of Jeff.

I am tired, so I am going to run..


A Rough Day

Yesterday was a really rough day for us here. Jeff was constipated again and his poor belly was hurting all day long. He did not get hardly any sleep during the day, so when he finally passed out just before 10 pm last night I was so grateful. He slept until about 4 am or so.  I am hoping that today is better, but honestly he is starting out so very fussy I am not sure about that.

We did get two packages today though, the socks from diapers. com are so cute and would you know they would ship just those in a box that is like ten times bigger than they are! Ugh. It really drives me crazy when a company does that. We also got the box from Walmart. Michael is trying to put the swing together now! I know that will be a huge help when he is fussy! I also love the bibs and burp cloths! Thanks Grandma!! All of these things will come in so handy.

As I am writing this he is laying in my lap fussing away.. I am actually using an age old typing method called hunt and peck with one hand. I am trying to get him to go back to sleep for a while and he is just having nothing of it! I know he is tired because his little eyes are red. I gotta run to see if I can get him to sleep.


Doctor Appointment

Today was Jeff’s doctor appointment and he did fantastic! He did not pee on the scale or the exam table. He was also very cooperative. He now weighs 9 pounds and 11 ounces!!! He also has grown another inch! A big boy for sure! I do have to say that I like this new doctor’s office so much! Everyone was very nice and helpful. Jeff saw the nurse practitioner today and we have to go back in a month for his 2 month check up which includes shots.

I am looking forward to going there for my check up as well. I talked to them about a great many things and they took the time to listen to me and make helpful suggestions. Which is really nice. The constipation could be the product of the water we are using. The nurse gave him a glycerin suppository to help and told me what kind of water to use or to boil the water and use that. So great advice. If we are still having trouble then we will discuss switching formulas. We are not adding anything to his formula yet, he is consistently eating 4 ounces of formula which is where he should be. However, we will revisit the adding of cereal to the formula next month because it might be time for that! She (Emily, the nurse) told me that I could pick up a thing of glycerin suppositories and it would last me a year because we would have to use a small piece of it and not the whole thing. So, if they cost about $5 for a year. Not too bad.

Jeff slept for a bit when we got home and woke about 5pm, so we fed and changed him. Now he is awake and playing with Dad. He might go back to sleep here soon. In a couple of hours it is bath time! We had a good day. Well, going to run.



I had the days wrong for the doctor appointment. It is tomorrow and not today. Seems like my days are all running together! Grandma called today and got to talk to Jeff. He was being rather fussy today so he cried. He is now finally sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow is the first appointment with the new doctor. I am beyond excited because now we will see the same doctor when we go, verses seeing a different doctor every time at the clinic. Don’t get me wrong, the clinic served it’s purpose and I am grateful, but it drove me crazy to have to answer the same questions over and over again because they did not read the file! Ugh. Especially when we were there every other day!

I am hoping that things go well tomorrow and then the next time we have to see the doctor is at his 2 month check up for shots and stuff! Today Jeff is 30 days old! I can hardly believe it! Time flies when you have fun I guess! Michael is doing well. He is a blessing on the weekends with giving Jeff his bath, because it is saving my back some wear and tear! I totally appreciate all the things he does to help out.

Life is hard here, but worth it. We are waiting on the Food Stamps people because apparently we got a new person and she messed up a bit. They needed to see Michael’s net and gross earnings for Drill and the lady I spoke to told me that they just needed to see the money coming in. Sigh. So, waiting again. The WIC appointment went well and we have used some of the stuff. It is a card like the food stamps so it is easier for sure. Jeff has been having issues with constipation lately and I have a list of things to talk to the doctor about tomorrow. To me, he feels about as heavy as a sack of potatoes, so about 10 pounds or so.

I will update you all tomorrow after the appointment as well. If you know anyone in the family who would like to read this, feel free to pass it along. I created this so that everyone had a central place for updates and pictures. I know that some of you are not friends with me on Facebook, which is why I thought this was a better way to keep everyone updated on his progress and ours too! My favorite cooking show is about on, so I need to run.


Time Flies!

IMG_0228I am not sure where the time went! Jeff is four weeks old today! It is also Easter Sunday, so happy Easter to you all! Life is good even when Jeff is rather fussy, but usually a bath around 7pm calms him down and gets him ready for bed. Although last night he did not fall asleep until really late! I love the little bugger, but sometimes I get so frustrated when he refuses to sleep!

He is growing by leaps and bounds! Medicaid did change his birthdate to the right one, after I called the first time. Color me surprised! So, now I have another ID card from the managed care insurance we are in on it’s way. He has a appointment with his new managed care doctor on Wednesday. It will be nice to see one doctor instead of a different every time. I also have the same primary care doctor as he does family medicine, which is handy. My appointment is on May 2nd.

I am looking forward to meeting the new doctor and I should have the paperwork for Jeff’s birth certificate some time this week hopefully. Gotta run!


Second Bath and Third Bath

I gave Jeff his second bath yesterday, it went so much better than the first one mainly because I got the water warm enough and he stopped crying and enjoyed it. He slept afterwards for a while. Which he needed!

Today he has been fussy and more fussy! He was up from like 10 am to almost 3pm! I promised myself that I would not be one of those mom’s who discussed my child’s bathroom habits here, but today it was so much and gross that the only way to get him clean was to give him a bath! He is now out for the count, which is good because he only had cat naps today.

My back and hips are killing me today because I was rocking him most of the day and holding him! Michael really helped out a lot today as well taking his turn at feeding and changing as well so I could have a breather. Which is really nice because when he is in school it is hard on me!

I am tired today as usual. Hopefully Jeff will take a long nap and let us eat dinner. I actually got to eat lunch earlier because it was during a cat nap. I had a salad and fish sticks. It was so good. Well, I need to run help Michael with his paper.


Three Weeks Old!

IMG_0225Today Jeff is three weeks old! Seems like time has been flying by! Although it seemed like the first week was slow to go by. I think that was because I was at the doctor’s office every other day! Now, we are going every couple of weeks. I will be happy when it is every few months honestly. I have to call his new primary care doctor, he and I have the same one, which will be handy!

He is getting so big!! Heavy too. My back is giving out because he is about eight pounds and he loves being held, but after a while my back is crying out in pain! I still hold him anyway as much as I can. My other two kids never wanted to be held this much! He is a lovey kid! He is sleeping at the moment. I wanted to give him a bath today, but we took a nap instead. So, bath time is tomorrow!

I am going to run for now!