Hospital Story

So, I guess it is time to explain what exactly happened to me and why I ended up being admitted to the hospital this past Monday. My inlaws were here for about 2 weeks and when they left, my father in law was starting to catch something. I knew it was just a matter of time before I got what ever that was. And it was exactly a week. So, last Friday I had a sore throat and sneezing, it got progressively worst through the weekend, but I had a doctor appointment on Monday so I was holding out until then. By then I was having some trouble with my asthma. I went to the doctor appointment and was sent to the pregnancy triage area of the hospital. By then, I was having issues breathing and you could hear me wheezing badly. 

They admitted me Monday. Gave me a high dose of steroids in my IV and I was getting breathing treatments every 4 hours. One of the issues I encountered was that the steroids jacked up my slightly high blood sugars into the 200 point range, so they had to give me some insulin to bring it back down. The baby was being monitored the whole time and my oxygen levels were also being monitored very closely. I am happy to say we are home and I got new inhalers, but the issue is that they are the lowest dose and will take 1-2 weeks to work as needed. Ugh. I have 2 versions of the common cold and thankfully not the flu. Yeah, apparently there is a nasal swab test for the flu and if you can avoid it I really recommend it. It is painful. 

I have a doctor appointment for follow up on Tuesday. I am trying to take everyday as it comes. I was released late Tuesday night after the results of some tests came back. I am really hoping that I am healthy by the time I have the baby because labor is hard enough when you can breathe normally let alone when you feel like you have an elephant sitting on your chest all the time. I am trying to give the new inhaler time to actually start working but if I have trouble I will be going back to the hospital for more breathing treatments. I am also going to speak with the doctor about getting a nebulizer for the house just in case.

I also canceled my hematology appointment for Monday, mainly because it is at the cancer center and even with a mask, I would still have germs on my clothes and such and I am not comfortable going into the place where people are fighting for their lives this ill. I will reschedule when I am healthy again. Hopefully, I can stay out of the hospital for now, but we will see.