Man, the Hormones are Flyin!

Okay so you all understand, I am about to have my 4th child on December 6th. I have 2 adult children in Florida and my 14 month old son here with me as I write this one handed because he wants my other arm around him. If I try to remove it and try to type with both hands, he will grab said hand and put it back around him in no uncertain terms! So, honestly it is just easier to leave it there and type one handed rather than battle him!

So being 13.5 weeks pregnant is hard some times. My hormones are flying all around and I am so over emotional it is a good thing I do not have cable! All of those sad animal abuse commercials would have me in tears every 25 minutes or so! As it is I have had to hide somethings on Facebook because I know my friends are well meaning, but those stories of people leaving their kids in their cars and the kids die or the animals left in the hot cars can go one of two ways with me these days. I just sit there and cry or I get really, really angry with these stupid people. 

As I have mentioned in the beginning of this post I have 2 adult children, I never ever once forgot they were in the car even when they were babies! But then again we did not have cell phones back then and the Internet was just getting started so you could only access it from your house on dial up. 

I try really hard to not judge other people because I do not live their lives, but there was a story about how a woman left her new born in the car in her own driveway and the baby died because it was like over 100 degrees in the car. Are these people so self absorbed that they can not or do not want to care about another human being? I mean seriously, in HER OWN DRIVEWAY!!!! Think on that for a minute. I mean if her house looks anything like mine, it looks like a baby factory exploded! So, did she not see all the baby stuff in the house and go, oh yeah the kid is in the car?!? Apparently not. 

People are now talking about the left shoe trick, where you place your left shoe on the backseat by the car seat so you won’t forget the kid. The idea of this is that you won’t get out of the car and walk away without your shoe. How sad have we become when we are so into our own things, phones,lives that we can not remember our children are in the backseat without putting our shoe back there? I mean come on people, put the phones down for five minutes and pay attention!!! 

It totally saddens me that we have become a society that forgets our own children in hot cars and they die. I really think that there needs to be some kind of criminal action here. Of course if there are medical reasons, then do not take your kids with you if you can help it until they are older. I just get tired of crying about all these babies that are dying because their parents can not take the time to put the damn phones down. Don’t even get me started on the animals. 

I have actually broken a lady’s window to rescue her dog when I lived in Florida. I waited for her and told her I was the one that did it and why. I also told her to call the cops if she wanted. It was 95 degrees outside and her car had red interior and she left the window cracked maybe an inch. Her dog would have died had I not done what I did. I would do it again in a heart beat. She was not happy about the broken window but at least she did not come back out to a dead dog either. Okay, that is enough from me because honestly I would rant about this all day!