Thankful Thursday & Other Stuff

My favorite picture of Jeff so far!On Facebook there is a thing on Thursdays called Throw Back Thursdays or TBT. I keep threatening Michael that since his mom sent some really great old photos of him that I would scan them to my computer and post them. I have not done it yet, but I will eventually. There are some really great embarrassing photos and since all of mine are in Florida and out of reach of me and him, I feel pretty safe doing this. LOL.

I used to post a Thankful Thursday post before I had Jeff and I want to continue to do that here. So today’s Thankful Thursday is in no particular order:

  1. Jeff- This one is so obvious, I am thankful to be this amazing boy’s mother. He has been so wonderful and loving even when he is fussy. I just look at him and tear up.
  2. Michael- This one is obvious too, without Michael in my life I would not be this happy and content. He is a wonderful dad and husband (although we are not married yet!).
  3. Having a roof over our heads
  4. Having what little food we have in the house.
  5. Having wonderful friends who helped us out with stuff for Jeff
  6. God in my life- I know it is a little far down on the list, but this is not in any kind of order!

Lately we have been so frustrated by things that have been happening here. It is good for me to remind myself of all the good things I have going on in my life too. This weekend is Drill weekend for Michael, so if you need to call him do so after 5pm our time. He generally will not answer his phone at Drill. Besides the reception is spotty there and his phone is being a pain.

To update you all on what is going on, the transportation service that is supposed to help me decided that I could walk the 1/5 of a mile to the bus stop near the house and walk the 1/2 mile from the bus stop near the doctor’s office with Jeff in his car seat. Ugh. Right now, honestly that is impossible for me to do. Not to mention that Jeff weighing last time we were at the doctor’s office over 9 pounds in his car seat feels more like 15 pounds! I think Michael will take him to the doctor appointment on the 26th of this month for me. I want to be able to go, but can not walk that far. I have talked to the doctor’s office about this and I need to talk to my doctor. Hopefully when I see them on June 6th.

The Foodstamp people closed our case out because supposedly Michael did not send him his income statements from the National Guard. He did, we sent them to the local office and I guess they did not put them in the system. So when he called the other day, the lady he spoke to said that if we had no income it would be so very simple, but because he has a small amount of income, it is ‘complicated’. The application says that if you have less than $150 in income, assets, etc… you can get food stamps in 5 days or less. Well, Michael makes a little bit more than that with the Drill pay. However, he was also told that if I applied with just Jeff and I with no income that we would be approved within 5 days. So, I printed out a new application and filled it out for Jeff and I. I am waiting to see what will happen. I am not sure that we can get his income statements to them until after the end of the month, because Michael wants to go down there and watch them put it in the system. Problem is that we don’t have the money for that right now. Sigh.

It is frustrating when people don’t want to do their jobs. Especially when Michael is looking for a job and can not find anything that would support us. Sigh. I know we will eventually get it all together, but it is hard not being able to just go and do the things we need to get done at the time we need to do it.

I need to run and do some things while my boys are sleeping!