Army Updates and Another QVC Request

Daniel Mancini

Daniel Mancini

Okay people, my friend Daniel Mancini is on QVC again on Tuesday at 4pm! His last appearance was such a success that they asked him back! He was so thrilled and shocked that his product sold out. Thank you to those who watched and ordered! I am so proud of him and his success! So, I am asking you to watch again and order more! Again the Facebook page can be found here. And the website here . You can also find him on Twitter here and Pinterest here . Let’s make him wildly successful on QVC please!!! 

Okay on to the Army updates, we are done with the MED board for M, they are recommending that he has surgery for his torn ACL that happened way back in 2003 on Active Duty. FINALLY! Someone with some common sense has spoken and since he was the head doctor at the place where all this was happening, they listened! So, now we have to get M back to the VA and a conversation with the surgeon and then find a date for surgery. He will be able to get incapacitated pay at first then when that runs out, his unit can put him on orders to work at the Armory. So, we will be able to pay bills and rent! So yay! This is all great news and M goes to the Armory on Tuesday to start the paperwork on all this stuff. A huge load off my mind!!! 

Okay need to run, please remember to watch QVC on Tuesday at 4pm!!!