Isn’t It Amazing How Music Can Transport You?

You know, I grew up mostly in the 80’s and 90’s so I listen to that if I am in the mood for pop music. This morning I was listening to the 80’s hit station on Slacker Radio  and a song I have not heard in a long time reduced me to tears in like 3 seconds! Some of it is my crazy hormones from being pregnant I know, but not all. In a second, I was taken back to when I heard that song playing and it was when someone was breaking up with me in 8th grade I think. I instantly felt all those emotions when I heard the song. 

 This is the song I am talking about. 

To this day, I can barely listen to Van Halen. My ex fiancee was a huge fan and when I say huge I mean HUGE fan. He turned me on to them and there are songs that I can not even hear the opening strains to because I will totally lose it. He also was a big fan of Sammy Hagar’s and there is almost an entire album I have trouble with and I can’t even begin to talk about Brother Caine. Sigh. 

Music is amazing in that like a smell I can be taken back to a place and time instantly. I will leave you with a few of my favorites from the 80’s to enjoy

Enjoy your weekend!



Army Updates and Another QVC Request

Daniel Mancini

Daniel Mancini

Okay people, my friend Daniel Mancini is on QVC again on Tuesday at 4pm! His last appearance was such a success that they asked him back! He was so thrilled and shocked that his product sold out. Thank you to those who watched and ordered! I am so proud of him and his success! So, I am asking you to watch again and order more! Again the Facebook page can be found here. And the website here . You can also find him on Twitter here and Pinterest here . Let’s make him wildly successful on QVC please!!! 

Okay on to the Army updates, we are done with the MED board for M, they are recommending that he has surgery for his torn ACL that happened way back in 2003 on Active Duty. FINALLY! Someone with some common sense has spoken and since he was the head doctor at the place where all this was happening, they listened! So, now we have to get M back to the VA and a conversation with the surgeon and then find a date for surgery. He will be able to get incapacitated pay at first then when that runs out, his unit can put him on orders to work at the Armory. So, we will be able to pay bills and rent! So yay! This is all great news and M goes to the Armory on Tuesday to start the paperwork on all this stuff. A huge load off my mind!!! 

Okay need to run, please remember to watch QVC on Tuesday at 4pm!!! 


I Enjoy Weekends… Mostly

M works a strange schedule. He works 4 days for 10 hours. So, he gets Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off, which I love! I make all of my appointments for Monday or Tuesday because honestly I do not know the bus routes well and I feel better if he is with me and he helps me with Jeff. I usually try for Mondays for appointments so M can have Tuesday to rest and get ready for work on Wednesday. This week did not work out like that. Jeff and I had WIC appointments yesterday, so we were up rather early and off by noon. We did not get home until almost 5pm last night. So, then it is try to relax some, cool off because it was muggy and hot yesterday, then dinner, and all the other fun stuff that comes with a kid. 

I am in recovery mode today because yesterday was rough on me. M did not want to get up and go to work this morning ( who can blame him?!?!). Even though the calendar says it is Wednesday, it sure feels like a Monday to me! So much going on with his Army stuff and his knee. I can’t even begin to process it all.. When I have a clear idea of what is happening I am sure I will be writing about it. The good, bad and ugly. 

Jeff does fantastic on the bus when we go out and about! He loves riding the bus and seeing all the people. Yesterday he fell asleep in M’s arms on the bus and slept for about an hour or so. When we got home, he was wide awake and full of energy of course! I was pretty much dead. 

I am hoping after the next doctor appointment on next Monday I will have no place to be until the middle of July for the second ultrasound. I need a break from running! June was crazy because I had to be some place every single week this month! Ugh. Well, I am going to try and get some more sleep before Jeff wakes up for the day. 


Good News and A Advertisement For a Friend

Daniel Mancini

Daniel Mancini

*** This is a quick disclaimer, I am not getting paid for the things I am about to say about Mama Mancini’s or Daniel Mancini, these things are because I believe in the product and the man behind the product….***

So, you all watch QVC right? Well, if you do, I have someone I want you to watch for on Monday. His name is Daniel Mancini and he owns Mama Mancini’s. He will be on for the first time selling his wonderful sauce and meatballs, just like Grandma used to make! His grandma, not yours. You can find their website here so you can see where you can get their full line of products that they sell. I stumbled on to their Facebook page a couple of years ago, and yes it really is Daniel Mancini running it. He answers questions and comments. He is also very big into wonderful local businesses and restaurants and will even talk about them on the Facebook page. You can find their Facebook page here

Now there is a link to what he will be selling on QVC and you can see what that is here. I do hope that you will tune in and support a great man and a wonderful business!!! If you want, leave him a message on the Facebook page that tells him that Tawnya sent ya! Please support him, he really is a great man with an amazing product that is natural and delicious!

On to the good news! M got or is getting converted to be a full time Amazon employee today! He already did the drug test and they are running the background check. All we need to do is to find his H.S diploma. This is truly great news and it involves a small raise too!! I need to run for a bit, Do not forget about QVC and Daniel!

Life is Fragile

I woke up this morning to news about a shooting in a church in South Carolina. I am sad on many levels, but mostly for the unneeded loss of human life, both those who were killed and the shooter. I know, some of you might be wondering why I am feeling bad for a person who committed a horrible, evil, act of violence. The answer is pretty simple really, I am human. Aside from the fact I am a Christian, I am human. When human life is loss, I am sad. For those who may not know, they did catch the 21 year old kid who did this. I say kid because as a 40 something woman, he is a kid. He had his whole life in front of him and now it is gone, just as sure as he was one of the people killed. No matter if he spends his life in prison or they put him to death for his crimes, his life is over.

Since the story is far from over, I will not talk about why I think he did it. I do not know this person and I am not one to judge or listen to the media. I do however pray and I will be praying for him because honestly who is more lost than this kid right now? I am also praying for the families of those who were killed because those people deserve answers and some measure of comfort. Sadly, I think answers are a long time coming if ever. 

So, here is what I want people to do today: Be nice. Be nice to people you do not know and be nice to those you do. Give some time to someone who might be struggling because you know what? That might be the thing that saves a life today. Be sympathetic to those you do not quite understand because they may be going through a rough patch in life and might be needed someone to listen or even just talk to. 

Hug your families and if you are fighting try to make up because you never know when your time is up on Earth and saying I love you to someone special is precious. 


Uber Busy and Happenings!

Okay, so most of you know I am pregnant again, since the doctor appointment on June 1st I have been literally doing something baby related every single week this month! That trend continued Monday with the first ultrasound I had. Basically everything with the baby is looking great and is right on target. I have to go back in late July for another ultrasound for anatomy and gender but I will more than likely know the gender before that because as I am in ‘an advanced stage of aging’ to be pregnant, I elected to have genetic testing done. Basically they are screening for things like Down’s Syndrome and other chromosome issues. It will let us prepare the family and ourselves for what we are up against when the baby is born. M and I talked about it and we agreed we needed to know. 

The Monday before that was WIC for me which totally bombed. Sigh. I did not have half the stuff I needed with me at that appointment and I thought I had it. Yeah. It went really badly so I had to reschedule for this upcoming Monday the 23rd. Which is okay because Jeff had a WIC appointment then anyway, but I was originally just going to send M to pick up his stuff and I was going to stay home and rest., but now that is out the window! 

Then on the 29th is my doctor appointment. This past Monday however, I way overdid it with all the walking! We were downtown and had lunch, went to the doctor, had blood work done, went to the library and got library cards. I ended up checking out a few books, 2 for Jeff and 1 for me. Then walked back to the bus stop and had to walk back home. I am still in recovery mode today. 

I am still working on another title for this blog and possibly changing the theme some. So don’t panic if you show up here and everything is different! I need to run. 


Man, the Hormones are Flyin!

Okay so you all understand, I am about to have my 4th child on December 6th. I have 2 adult children in Florida and my 14 month old son here with me as I write this one handed because he wants my other arm around him. If I try to remove it and try to type with both hands, he will grab said hand and put it back around him in no uncertain terms! So, honestly it is just easier to leave it there and type one handed rather than battle him!

So being 13.5 weeks pregnant is hard some times. My hormones are flying all around and I am so over emotional it is a good thing I do not have cable! All of those sad animal abuse commercials would have me in tears every 25 minutes or so! As it is I have had to hide somethings on Facebook because I know my friends are well meaning, but those stories of people leaving their kids in their cars and the kids die or the animals left in the hot cars can go one of two ways with me these days. I just sit there and cry or I get really, really angry with these stupid people. 

As I have mentioned in the beginning of this post I have 2 adult children, I never ever once forgot they were in the car even when they were babies! But then again we did not have cell phones back then and the Internet was just getting started so you could only access it from your house on dial up. 

I try really hard to not judge other people because I do not live their lives, but there was a story about how a woman left her new born in the car in her own driveway and the baby died because it was like over 100 degrees in the car. Are these people so self absorbed that they can not or do not want to care about another human being? I mean seriously, in HER OWN DRIVEWAY!!!! Think on that for a minute. I mean if her house looks anything like mine, it looks like a baby factory exploded! So, did she not see all the baby stuff in the house and go, oh yeah the kid is in the car?!? Apparently not. 

People are now talking about the left shoe trick, where you place your left shoe on the backseat by the car seat so you won’t forget the kid. The idea of this is that you won’t get out of the car and walk away without your shoe. How sad have we become when we are so into our own things, phones,lives that we can not remember our children are in the backseat without putting our shoe back there? I mean come on people, put the phones down for five minutes and pay attention!!! 

It totally saddens me that we have become a society that forgets our own children in hot cars and they die. I really think that there needs to be some kind of criminal action here. Of course if there are medical reasons, then do not take your kids with you if you can help it until they are older. I just get tired of crying about all these babies that are dying because their parents can not take the time to put the damn phones down. Don’t even get me started on the animals. 

I have actually broken a lady’s window to rescue her dog when I lived in Florida. I waited for her and told her I was the one that did it and why. I also told her to call the cops if she wanted. It was 95 degrees outside and her car had red interior and she left the window cracked maybe an inch. Her dog would have died had I not done what I did. I would do it again in a heart beat. She was not happy about the broken window but at least she did not come back out to a dead dog either. Okay, that is enough from me because honestly I would rant about this all day!