Ugh, Not Again!

Some of you might remember when I talked about where we used to live, before we moved in March of this and the issues that happened there. Yesterday, M went to the office to see if we can get the issues we are having with the mailbox fixed (no key, because it is lost). When he was in the office he saw people from the other complex there going through leases. He came home and told me, I immediately had a horrible bad feeling about this. I think this place is being bought by the company that owned the other place. He had to go back and they saw M and Jeff. Both women apparently were giving him dirty looks. We have signed a 2 year lease here, so they can not mess with that, but they can make our lives hell and I am worried about that. 

Another reason I think this is what is happening is that the assistant property manager, who we have dealt with from the very beginning suddenly up and quit. Which is strange because she LOVED her job. Brookside management company has a way of running the good people off and replacing them with people who can not do their jobs or are total jerks. Sigh. So we are a little bit worried about that now. 

My dentist appointment was a no go. I guess I needed a doctor release, which I did not know about since my doctor set the appointment up. They tried calling the office while I was there waiting, but no one called back. So, now I have to go back on August 24th. It was 101 degrees out on Monday with the humidity and we went all the way there in that heat. We were all hot and edgy, but it was way too hot for Jeff to be out and if I am honest, me too being pregnant. Ugh. 

That is where we are for now.. I need to run and get something to drink..